Tree Plantation with “Friends of the Environment”
Category: Past Events
Published on: May 2, 2018

We live in a world, which was once enriched with trees and herbs on distant terraces, but now one-third less than what it was. Global deforestation continues to expand its terrain and over 13 million hectares of trees are wiped out of their natural habitats. This felling of trees forges a threat towards the environmental health and sustainability of communities in rural and urban settings.

To lessen this setback, several organizations work for the preservation and reforestation of the environment. Similarly, Friends of the Environment is a non-profit organization that is mechanized to preserve and protect the environment. It is an emerging NGO, which is actively working for the subsidy of the environment. The NGO visualizes overcoming the limitations that are being faced in the environment. Their short-term plan is to plant and preserve 100,000 trees in Islamabad.

To assist this drive, Bahria University recently signed a MoU with Friends of the Environment and conducted a two week Tree Plantation Activity on campus, as well as in Naval Anchorage. 1000 plant saplings were donated to Bahria University as per the mutual objective. Bahria University conducted two of its Tree Plantation Drives on campus from 24th to 25th April’ 2018. Students from Departments of Social Sciences, Media and Computer Sciences voluntarily contributed in this drive under the able guidance of Bahria University’s staff. 150 plant saplings were planted within the time frame of two days. Awareness steel boards were placed in distances for the general public.

On 25th April, Mr. Yousaf Khan, CEO of Friends of the Environment was invited to interact with the students. A session was conducted and Mr. Yousaf lectured the students on how to keep the environment clean. He highlighted some obvious factors that disturb the ecosystem. He implored the audience to abstain from disposing garbage on land and water, and to avoid the burning of paper. Likewise, he made many more such pointers to remind the students about the implications that otherwise, it may have on our lives. The lecture was highly productive and absorbed the already rapt audience.

Following the schedule, on 26th April’ 2018 volunteers from Computer Engineering were taken to Naval Anchorage Park. The staff of Naval Anchorage dug up places for the seeds to be sown. The plants were sown on the plain areas, as well as the fence around the lake. The volunteers and the Friends with the Environment team placed sign boards on keeping the environment clean and green. Bahria University took the responsibility to ensure the preservation of the plants. Students enthusiastically participated and showed keen interest in the activity. The onlookers appreciated the motive and the efforts made by the students.