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Published on: October 21, 2019

Bahria University Head Office invites sealed bids for the disposal / auction of following 07 vehicles on ‘as is where is basis’:

S.No Vehicles Reg. No Type of Vehicle Model
a. KV-431 Suzuki APV 2006
b. KD-835 Honda City 2006
c. AED-547 Toyota Corolla 2007
d. QG-256 Suzuki Cultus 2010
e. QG-258 Suzuki Cultus 2010
f. QG-259 Suzuki Cultus 2010
g. SY-614 Suzuki Cultus 2011

 Terms & Conditions

1. Vehicles can be inspected on 29 and 30 October, 2019 between 1000 to 1600 hours at Bahria University Islamabad.
2. Bidders must bring their original CNIC and provide complete address / telephone numbers and attested copy of CNIC along with their bid (s).
3. Bid may be submitted for one or more vehicles. Sealed bids (separate for each vehicle) have to be submitted clearly mentioning the bid amount for the vehicle (in word & figures) and detail of the pay order for Bid Security attached with the bid.  The bid will have to be submitted exclusive of any tax. Conditional and incomplete bids will be considered non-responsive (tax to included separately).
4. Bid Security i.e. 25 % of the bid for each vehicle in shape of pay order/ DD in favour of Bahria University (NTN No.2132767-0) shall have to be attached by the bidders for participation in the bidding otherwise bid will not be considered. Separate pay order in case of bidding for more vehicles.
5. Successful bidder(s) will have to deposit remaining amount within 10 days. In case of default, Bid Security will be forfeited. Transfer of ownership documents would be the responsibility of successful bidder(s).  Auction tax 10% for filer (ATL) and 20% for Non Filer (Non ATL) will be paid by the successful bidder(s).
6. DD/ pay order of unsuccessful bidders will be returned within 10 working days after bid opening.
7. Sealed bids are to be dropped at the drop box placed at the gate of Bahria University latest by 11:00 A.M 07 November 2019. Bids will be opened at 1130 A.M on same day. A maximum of two representatives per vehicle will be allowed to attend the Bid opening.
8. No bid shall be acceptable / entertained after 11:00 A.M on 07 November 2019 in any case.
9. The University reserves the right to hold the vehicle over until the next auction if an acceptable bid is not offered. In case of identification of collusion among bidders (prior to or after bid submission) designed to establish bid prices at artificial, non-competitive levels and to deprive Bahria University Islamabad of the benefits of free and open competition, would lead to rejection of all bids and forfeiture of bid security.


The Bahria University is held harmless from any and all claims and losses, accruing from or resulting to any and all bidders, materials, labourers and any other persons, in connection with the performance of this auction.
11. The university has the right to accept / reject or cancel any or all bids in accordance with rule 33 of PPRA Rules.  Non-responsive bid shall be rejected.
12. All Government taxes will be applicable and recovered as per rules/ law from the successful bidder. Documents of the vehicle (s) will be delivered after complete payment only.

President Vehicles Auction Committee

Bahria University Head Office