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Published on: September 1, 2021

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I completed my MBA Marketing with a Gold Medal from Bahria University Batch of 2015. I set out to embrace wide-ranging experiences in the areas like Sales & Marketing and Business Research. However, Job Market wasn’t that welcoming to a young graduate with minimal experience, which is why I pushed on doing freelance content writing and an internship in a bank to gain professional experience regardless of its irrelevance to my MBA Marketing Degree. Meanwhile, I gave a lot of interviews in MNC’s & NGO’s in order to get adequate exposure of my Degree in the face of social & financial pressure that either I didn’t select the degree that might not have prospects or I lacked what it took to compete in today’s job market. Finally, with a lot of prayers from my parents and with a stroke of luck I landed a Job at Atlas Honda Limited in the year 2017 which has been quite an experience. I started my Job as an MTO in the Market Planning Department and Now I am working as an Area Manager in the Corporate Sales Department. Presently, when I reflect back on my journey right after finishing of my degree, I learnt that what is destined for you will find you sooner or later. The key is to have patience and have trust in God regardless of the outcome. In the end, I extend my warm thanks to all teachers of Bahria University. They left no stone unturned in transforming students into intimate professionals; their up-to-the minute tutelage is second to none.