Resources and Offices

 Registrar Secretariat

Registrar Secretariat is hub of the University and mainly looks after matters of degrees and record of the university. The Registrar is also entrusted with responsibilities by the Board of Governors and Executive Committee. The major responsibilities of the Registrar as provided in the University Ordinance are as under:

  • Approval of migration and credit transfers.
  • To deal matters pertaining to students’ affairs, academics, disciplines and convocations for the University, Constituent and Affiliated Units.
  • To act as Employment Contract Authority, for Bahria University Officers and Faculty Members.
  • Custodian of all Statutory Documents.
  • To lead the team coordinating visits of Regulatory Bodies and get accreditation of new programmes.
  • To handle legal matters of employees and students.
  • To monitor University’s Libraries.
Registrar: Commodore Muhammad Hisham SI(M) Ext: 223 Email:

Directorate of Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Directorate acts as a focal point for academic matters, as they relate to the students, faculty and administration. The Directorate ensures that the academic decision making at the University follows a process of due diligence at every level, through the Departmental Boards of Studies, the Faculty Boards of Studies and, culminating in, the Academic Council. The Directorate schedules, plans and conducts meetings of the Academic Council and follows up on it decisions. The Directorate also ensures that academic decisions are duly incorporated into the statutory documents of the University. The Directorate acts as the University link with the Higher Education Commission on all academic matters.

Director: Rear Admiral Mohammad Ehsan Saaeed SI(M)(Retired) Ext: 255 Email:

Directorate of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is an organized and capable student service resource that is dedicated towards providing support to the students of Bahria University at HQ’s level. The DSA office is responsible to look after the following;

  • Scholarships (University sponsored & External).
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Student Study Loan
  • Career Services
  • Alumni Affairs
  • Community Support Program
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • PM-Laptop Scheme
Director: Ms Sundal Hamad Mufti Ext: 307 Email:

Directorate Maritime Policy Research Center (MPRC)

Director: Commodore Zafar Mansoor Tipu SI(M) Ext: Email:

Directorate of Human Resource Management

The HR Directorate at Bahria University is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the organization’s human resources by planning and implementing programs and practices pertaining to HR. This department is committed in maintaining management guidelines by preparing, updating, and recommending human resource policies and procedures and maintaining organization of Faculty, Officers and Staff by establishing, recruiting, selecting, testing, interviewing and orienting on candidate selection.

Striving to hire the best Faculty, The directorate not only ensures planning, monitoring, and appraisal of employee work results through AER for periodic increments according to overall performance, yearly performance; it also hears and resolves employee grievances.

Director: Captain Imtiaz Khan (Rtd) PN Ext: 246 Email:

Directorate of Quality Assurance

The Directorate of Quality Assurance at Bahria University was established in July, 2009. DQA works under the umbrella of Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of Higher Education Commission (HEC), for the promotion of quality education in Bahria University.

In pursuance of ‘Quality Enhancement’ in Higher Education, Self-Assessment processes and procedures provided by QAA of HEC are fully implemented at Bahria University.

The Quality Assurance Directorate – QAD at Bahria University instills quality culture by implementing “Self-Assessment procedures and Quality Standards” as prescribed by The Higher Education Commission – HEC of Pakistan.

QA Directorate performs following specific functions:

  • Implementation of HEC Quality Standards through Self-Assessment Procedures
  • Development and implementation of Qualifications Framework by setting out the attributes and abilities that can be expected from the holder of a qualification.
  • Conduct and coordinate Institutional Performance Evaluation Standards (IPES) with HEC
  • Implementation of QA Processes and Methods of Evaluation/Assessment
  • Preparation and Submission of Progress Reports to HEC including Business Plan and Annual Reports
  • Scrutiny of Research Publications
  • Implementation of Anti–Plagiarism Policy
  • Recognition/Approval of BU Research Journals from HEC and their up gradation
  • Collection/Compilation of data for HEC & QS Rankings
  • Coordinate and Conduct Accreditation body’s inspections.
  • Liaison with QECs of BU partner International Universities to improve quality assurance practices and procedures being followed internationally to support academic functions of the University.
  • Monitoring and assistance of academic activities being member of BOG, Executive Committee, Academic Council and Higher Education Research Committee (HERC).
Director: Mr. Fazal Wahab Ext: 345 Email:

Directorate of Research and Development / ORIC

The development, protection, encouragement, and promotion of the spirit and habits of inquiry among faculty and students lie at the heart of Bahria University’s Vision and Mission. Scholarly research work and other forms of creative endeavors are essential for the sustained intellectual growth of any higher education institution.

Keeping this in perspective, BU has devoted itself to the quest of knowledge, its preservation and propagation. This pursuit of knowledge creation or seeking shall ultimately lead to the educational and intellectual development of its faculty members and students to be better enlightened productive and more auspicious members of the society. In line with the BU Vision and Mission, the Office of Research & Development (R&D) was established in February 2010. R&D Office was mandated to promote and enhance the research culture in BU by providing support services in all the prospects of research. R&D office at BU was later notified by HEC as Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) on October, 2011. The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) at Bahria University came into existence to provide a medium of outreach to the corporate world/industry and academia.

Director: Dr. Shahzad Khalid Ext: 322 Email:

Directorate of Post Graduate

Director: Dr. Shahzad Khalid Ext: 522 Email:

International Office

In an unremitting run for quality enhancement, escalating international linkages, perking up foreign connections & global image; Bahria University established its International Office for managing, guiding, coordinating and providing services to students, academic & administrative personals for any foreign related work within the University making the process centralized and consequently swift.

Deputy Director: Muhammad Awais Mehmood Ext: 221 Email:

Public Relations Office

PR Office was established in November 2012 and located in the premises of Bahria University Headquarters, Islamabad. It is responsible for developing and maintaining social network with other organizations, especially with media to enhance the reputation of Bahria University.

It is always responsible to promote brand image of BU with a view to improve its stature and to ensure quality intake of students. It is working as control room between the university and people which enable easy communication to meet the growing requirements of Bahria’s academic and non-academic domain. It gives all the information related to the current happenings, changes and improvement made in university. It mainly uses the mode of media to achieve its objective. Publicity, advertisements and media coverage for important events at university are major responsibilities of PRO. The department protects, strengthen and elevate the university`s reputation to build public understanding of its distinctive qualities and impact of its work.

Public Relations Officer Ms Mahwish Kamran Ext: 401 Email: