PhD Graduates

S. No Name of Scholar Passing
Programs Campus/
Thesis Topics
1 MUHAMMAD AKBAR 2013 Management Sciences BUIC A Comparative Empirical Investigation of the Validity of the Traditional
CAPM, the Higher-Moment CAPM and the Downside Risk Based
CAPM in the Emerging Equity Market of Pakistan.
2 MUHAMMAD AYUB SIDDIQUI 2013 Management Sciences BUIC Modeling Dynamics of Dividend Policy, Capital Structure and Agency
Cost: Evidence from Nonfinancial Sector of Pakistan.
3 QAZI ABDUL SUBHAN 2016 Management Sciences BUIC Impact of Innovation on Firm Performance: A Case of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMES) in Pakistan.
4 RAB NAWAZ LODHI 2016 Management Sciences BUIC Enterprise Resource Planning System Success in Corporate Sector of Pakistan: A Mixed Methods Approach.
5 ATIF BILAL 2017 Management Sciences BUIC The Impact of Bureaucracy on Creativity and Innovation in the Advertising Agencies of Pakistan.
6 MALIK MAMOON MUNIR 2017 Management Sciences BUIC The Impact of Influential Factors on Banking Customer’s Perceived Ease of Use and Usefulness of Internet Banking Acceptance in Pakistan.
7 ADNAN SHOAIB 2018 Management Sciences BUIC Long Run Integration of Earning Management in Capital Structure FAMA French Model: Evidence From South Asian Counteries.
8 FARRUKH IDREES 2018 Management Sciences BUIC Quality Management and the Mediating role of Organizational Culture to Enhance Firm Performance:A study of Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan.
9 ASIF SHEHZAD 2018 Management Sciences BUIC Linking Personal Bullying with Nursing staff turnover intentions: A Mixed Methods Study of Public Sector Hospitals in Pakistan.
10 HUMA AYUB 2018 Management Sciences BUIC Impact and implementation challenges of Basel accord II and III: Evidence from the banking sector of Pakistan.
11 NADIA ZAFAR BAKHTAWARI 2018 Management Sciences BUIC Impact of Quality implementation on Learning Organization to achieve Improved Non-Financial Performance in Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan: An empirical Investigation.
12 FARYAL RAZZAQ 2018 Management Sciences BUIC Workplace emotional intelligence and validation: A Study of hypermarkets of Pakistan.
13 MUHAMMAD ASHRAF 2018 Management Sciences BUIC The Impact of Financial Services Attributes and Religiosity on Products Utilization in SME Sector of Pakistan.
14 FAZL-E-HADI 2014 Computer Sciences BUIC Modeling and Analyzing Anycast Routing in Reactive and Proactive Networks.
15 SOHAIL JABBAR 2015 Computer Sciences BUIC Energy Efficient Routing for Multi-Layer Design of Wireless Sensor Network.
16 M TAIMOOR KHAN 2018 Computer Sciences BUIC Lifelong Machine Learning topic Modeling for Large-Scale Aspect Extraction.
17 ISRAR UD DIN 2018 Computer Engineering BUIC Optical Character Recognition for Printed Urdu Nastaliq Font.
18 UMER MUJAHID 2016 Electrical Engineering BUIC Ultralightweight Cryptography for Low Cost Passive RFID Tags.
S. No Name of Scholar Passing
Programs Campus/
Thesis Topics
1 AMIR MANZOOR 2015 Management Sciences BUKC Broadband Internet and Economics Growth: Case of OECD Counteries
2 SAIMA ZIA 2018 Management Sciences BUKC Gender Based Discriminatory Human Resource Practices: An Indentification of the Etological Factors and its Remedies.
3 ABDUR RASHID 2003 Clinical Psychology IPP Vulnerability to Emotional Disturbance in Parents of Neurotic and
Psychotic Children.
4 FOUZIA NAEEM 2003 Clinical Psychology IPP Vulnerability to Depression in Mothers of Emotionally Handicapped
5 SAABERA SULTANA 2003 Clinical Psychology IPP Management of Dependency and Gender Difference in Psychotherapy
in Pakistan.
6 KHALID MAHMOOD 2004 Clinical Psychology IPP The Relationship of Personality Factors and Academic Achievement in
7 ZAINAB FOTOWWAT ZADEH 2004 Clinical Psychology IPP Marriage Systems Success in Marriages in Pakistan.
8 AFSHAN AZIZ DAMJI 2005 Clinical Psychology IPP Depression and Anxiety in Adulthood as a Function of Birth Trauma in
9 KEHKASHAN AROUJ 2005 Clinical Psychology IPP Early Segregated Education and Vulnerability to Emotional problems in Adulthood.
10 MOAZZAMA ABIDI 2007 Clinical Psychology IPP Mental Health of the Spouses of Cardiovascular Patients.
11 RIZWANA AMEEN 2009 Clinical Psychology IPP Professional Life Stress and Emotion Focused Coping Style as Determinanats of Suicidal Probability Amongst Doctors, Academicians and Managers of Metropolitan City.
12 KIRAN BASHIR AHMAD 2014 Clinical Psychology IPP Role of Locus of Control, Self Esteem and Perceived Social Support in the Psychological Adjustment of Disabled and Non Disabled.
13 AYZA YAZDANI 2015 Clinical Psychology IPP Prevalence of Vicarious Trauma and Related Factors as a Source of Indirect Exposure to Violence in Adolescents.
14 SAMIA OMER ZUBERI 2015 Clinical Psychology IPP Effectiveness of Cognitive Behaviora Among Pakistani Couples with Marital Dissatisfaction.
15 SONIA MAIRAJ 2018 Clinical Psychology IPP Emotional Intelligence and Creative Potential as Predictors of Job Satisfaction in Managers.