Message from worthy Rector Bahria University Regarding the holy month of ZIL-HAJJ & EID UL AZHA
Category: Past Events
Published on: July 30, 2020

Dear / Respected Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Holy month of Zil-Hajj reached upon us. This month is a symbol of faith, commitment and dedication, loyalty towards Allah, struggle and sacrifice.

Ibrhaim A.S is the prophet who is equally loved and followed by not only Muslims, but also Christians and Jews. They feel much honored and obliged being a follower of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S.

Hazrat Ibrahim A.S holds a very special status in Islam so much so whenever Muslims send Darood o Salam on Hazrat Muhammad PBUH and his Aal (آل) during prayers, we send Darood o Salam at Hazrat Ibrahim A.S and his Aal (آل) as well. That is why the holy month of Zil-Hajj is the month of harmony between the believers of Allah and the Day of Judgment.

Hazrat Ibrahim A.S and Ismael A.S stayed obedient to Allah’s will at every step of their lives and are a glorious example of submission towards Allah’s will. They refused idol worshipping, migrated from their homeland because of standing for the ultimate truth (Haq), constructed Khana Kaaba, worshipped the one true Allah and guided ummat towards one Qibla.

Hazrat Ibrahim and Ismael A.S are a symbol of consistent struggle and sacrifice. They left wealth, honorable positions and privileges, their homeland for the ultimate truth (Haq). Ultimately they left their country for the just cause they believed in and migrated to an uninhabited / deserted area (Makkah) where there were no facilities available for survival of human beings. Allah Talah changed that uninhabited area into a very blessed one for every common and executive person because of the miraculous Zam Zam, Khana Kaaba and above all the birth place of the Final Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha PBUH. These specialties characteristics have made Makkah a center of life, comfort and guidance for the whole mankind.

Hazrat Ibrahim A.S, Ismael A.S and Hazrat Muhammad PBUH are the guides towards knowledge, research, education, training and development. Whoever (individual or nation) followed them gained respect and success.

Today we have to follow their path. We should be known by our faith, commitment, dedication, moral values, knowledge, struggle, and sacrifice.

Celebrate Eid ul Azha with religious zeal but observe Covid-19 SOPs for your own sake and your family.