How to prepare Self-Assessment Report
Category: May 3, 2016

Two-Day Orientation Workshop on “How to Prepare Self-Assessment Report – SAR”

A two-day workshop on Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions and “How to prepare a Self-Assessment Report” was conducted for Quality Assurance Committees (QACs) of all the departments of three Campuses (BUIC, BUKC and BULC) of Bahria University on 4th and 5th of May 2016 through VLC by Ms. Samina Chaudhry, QA Manager / DD Quality Assurance for Islamabad Campus. This session was attended by all the QAC members of three campuses i.e. 25 members from Islamabad, 15 members from Karachi and 6 members from Lahore Campus.

Following topics were discussed in the presentation:

  • Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions
  • Importance of Self –Assessment Report (SAR).
  • Objectives of SAR
  • Guidelines and Self –Assessment procedure / Assessment Model
  • Importance and Examples of Vision, Mission, Objectives and Outcomes
  • How to write Vision, Mission, Objectives and Outcomes
  • Faculty Docket/ Teacher’s Diary
  • Ten evaluation forms , collection of data and analysis
  • Importance of student’s feedback
  • Rubric forms

On day one of the workshop, all the 8 criterion and how to answer 31 standards were explained in detail, in which examples were shown on how to write vision, mission, objectives and outcomes. Timings and frequency of getting the forms filled by all the concerned stakeholders was discussed.  During the discussion of Self –Assessment Model QACs were informed about the timing and frequency of writing SAR.

Criterion 3 (Curriculum) was discussed with reference to accreditation body’s requirements. QACs were asked to very carefully collect/compile all the information and evidences while working on all the criterion as they will have to answer all the questions asked by the Assessment Teams. Ten forms were also explained, QACs were also informed about the timings of getting these forms filled.

Feedback of the students and how to analyze the data was the most discussed issue as it is a very lengthy process, suggestions were noted for the improvement of this process as the FMs who are working on SARs have other tasks to perform in the department. FMs also communicated their concerns of time and extra work for preparing SAR. Another meeting will be scheduled with the QACs of Islamabad Campus to computerize the forms and the data analysis of student feedback. It was stressed that SAR should be properly tagged, flagged and separated in such a manner that every answer to the criterion is clear and supported by evidences. At the end of two-day session questions from three campuses QACs were answered.