PRO Message

Bahria University continues to grow and diversify; achieving the vision of being an internationally recognized institute and grooming students that together can serve as responsible individuals of the society. This expansion has necessitated a rapid increase in the existing facilities of the university; enabling it to have its presence in three of the largest cities in Pakistan, with an ever-growing student community, an unmatched infrastructure and a wide variety of disciplines.

A PR officer is responsible for the external image of an organization, their aim is to build and maintain good relationships with outside parties – individuals, the media, customers, and others alike – for the organization to be seen in a positive light.

With a clear understanding of the role as a PR Officer, I believe that my goal is to provide a vast vision in all aspects of Bahria University, through different modes of media and communication. The aim is to be the eyes and ears of the university, building a positive image and reputation for the world to see. My responsibility motivates me to work with zeal and dedication for Bahria University and its excellence.

Public Relation Officer