Karachi Campus
NameThesis TopicSupervisor NameCurrent Status/ Progress of Scholar/ StudentsDegree
Mona LeezaAutomatic deduction on diabetic retinopathy through advanced machine learningDr. Humerain ProgressMS (CS)
Tooba MehtabFeature extraction of voice of Birds using DNNDr. Adeel Yusufin ProgressMS (CS)
Javeria FarooqMotion and shape deduction of human in low density crowedDr. Hammad Razain ProgressMS (CS)
Huma TabassumAn ontological approach to emotion analysis in software team discussion forumsDr. Sohaib AhmedCompletedMS (CS)
Sameena JavaidA context aware mobil ecreative learning systemDr. Sohaib AhmedCompletedMS (CS)
ZAHIDA PARVEENGrain Analyzer for Rice of PakistanDr. Anzar Alamin ProgressMS (CS)
MUHAMMAD QAISER KHANQuad Quaptor ControlDr. Riaz Jafferyin ProgressMS (CS)
ZEESHAN LATIFGSM based SCADA system using TCP/IPDr. Farah Haroonin ProgressMS (CS)
Muhammad IsmailOptimal confituration of Hybrid renewable system for remote areas of Balochistan.Dr.Anzar AlamCompletedMS (CS)
Asif IqbalEnergy audit in multistory university campusDr.Haroon Rasheedin ProgressMS (CS)
Aamir AliTitle approval defense would be conducted in 1st week of April 2016---in ProgressMS (ES)
Fahim BariTitle approval defense would be conducted in 1st week of April 2016---in ProgressMS (ES)
Memoona khokharTitle approval defense would be conducted in 1st week of April 2016---in ProgressMS (ES)
M. TasaeenTitle approval defense would be conducted in 1st week of April 2016---in ProgressMS (ES)
Ibadur Rehman“Environmental Screening Tools- A Perspective Study”Dr. Mubarik AliCompletedMS (ES)
Shehbaz“Evaluation of Drinking Water Quality of Mirpur Azad Kashmir”Dr. NergisCompletedMS (ES)
M. Ghufran“Assessment of Distillery Effluent and Effects on Ground Water Quality”Mughal SharifCompletedMS (ES)
Rubina AkhterStill not approvedDr. Mubarik Aliin ProgressMS (ES)
Nadir Bakhsh“Occupational Noise Exposures and Its Impacts on Workers Health and Activities”Dr. NergisCompletedMS (ES)
MahaBatool“Deficiency of Vitamin “D” In Urban Dense Population Areas in Karachi”Dr. NergisCompletedMS (ES)
RizwanaTajStill not approvedMughal Sharifin ProgressMS (ES)
Agha Farhad“Impact of Eutrophication on Marine Water and Ecosystem. A Mixed Method Study on Shallow Water of Arabian Sea Touches the Karachi Coast”Mughal SharifCompletedMS (ES)
Syed Frajad Shah“How Erogonomics Improves Productivity in Textile Industry”Dr. Mubarik Aliin ProgressMS (ES)
Syed Wqas Qadri“Assessment of Ground Water Quality Index of District Malir, Karachi”Dr. Nergisin ProgressMS (ES)
A. Rauf Siddiqui“Study on Environmental Impacts of Petroleum Refinery Effluent in Karachi”Mughal Sharifin ProgressMS (ES)
Ms. Misbah SultanGrowth Of Construction Sector: Prospects Of Positive Impact On GDPDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressMS-FINANCE
Mr. Wahib Ur RehmanValidity Of Random Walk HypothesisProf Dr Mustaghis Ur Rehmanin ProgressMS-FINANCE
Mr. Zafar AbbasDeterminants Of Foreign Direct Investment Flows To PakistanDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressMS-FINANCE
Ms. Zainab Zoaib AliFactor Affecting Stock Price Variability Of Sugar Sector Of PakistanProf Dr Iqbal A. Panhwarin ProgressMS-FINANCE
Mr. Ashfaq AliFinancial Management Pakistan PerspectiveProf Dr Iqbal A. Panhwarin ProgressMS-FINANCE
Ms. Lareb ShahidMarketing Models: Do they provide financial solutionsProf Dr Iqbal A. PanhwarMS-FINANCE
Mr. Muhammad Ishtiaque KhanFinancial Management: Banking Sector of PakistanDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressMS-FINANCE
Mr. Muhammad Takmil AhsanSecurities Exchange Commission of PakistanDr. Bashir AhmadMS-FINANCE
Mr. Shariq HameedFinancial Management in Market Economy of PakistanProf Dr Khalid Hussain Shaikhin ProgressMS-FINANCE
Mr. Asad AliImpact Of Capital Structure On Bank’s PerformanceDr. Bashir AhmadMS-FINANCE
Mr. Muhammad Rizwan AzizImpact Of Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices On Employee Motivation Of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC)Dr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressMS (PM)
Mr. Syed KhawajaAyubHussainiProject Management Practices And Approaches Under NAVTTC: A Comparison Of Successful And Failure Projects/ ManagementDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressMS (PM)
Mr. HumayunSaleemProject Failure Due To Improper Or Neglecting Risk Management/ ManagementMr. Amir Manzoorin ProgressMS (PM)
Mr. Muhammad HamzaFarooquiCapacity Development Of Sales Team: A Case Study Of Karachi Based FMCG/ MarketingDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressMS (PM)
Mr. Muhammad KashifIqbalOperational Risk Management: Best Methods And Practices For Industry/ ManagementDr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressMS (PM)
Mr. Muhammad AshfaqImpact Of Training & Development On Job Satisfaction- A Case Study Of KPTDr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressMS (PM)
Mr. Ali AbbasFactor Affecting Employee Turnover Intention In Karachi Shipyard And Engineering WorkDr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressMS (PM)
Mr. Khalil HussainBangashImpact Of Synergized Efforts In The Work Environment Before And After Establishment Of Emergency Operation Centre For Polio Eradication And Immunization (EOC) In Pakistan/ManagementDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressMS (PM)
Ms. LaraibBadarTelecommunication/ HRMs. Sayma Ziain ProgressMS (PM)
Mr. Syed SaqibHussainProject Management Office; The Role Towards Project Success Within OrganizationAmir Manzoorin ProgressMS (PM)
Mr. Nafees AhmedInsurance Industry Existing Project Management Practices-Gaps And Solutions/ ManagementMr.AamirManzorin ProgressMS (PM)
Mr. Muhammad Faisal SadiqFactors Affecting Employee Retention in Pakistan Automobile Manufacturing Companies----in ProgressMS (PM)
Mr. NaveedArshadEffects of HRM Practices on Employees’ Job Satisfaction in Automobile Industry at KarachiDr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressMS (PM)
Muhammad MursaleenCause of Turnover if Employees working on Projects at PN DockyardDr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressMS (PM)
Burhan AhmedInfluence of Quality Management Practices on Employee Perception of Organizational Effectiveness at KS & EWDr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressMS (PM)
ShoaibJalil KhanImplementing SCOR model for Succession pf Project Management in Developing Countries----in ProgressMS (PM)
HomairaAdilEvaluating the role of procurement practices in public sector and its effective implementation in infrastructure projects in Karachi.----in ProgressMS (PM)
TAHIRA NIAZIA Correlation Analysis of Personality Assessment and Social Network Structure Based on Five Factor ModelDr. Sohaib Ahmedin ProgressMS (Software Engineering)
BILAL KARIM MUGHALSoftware defined NetworkingDr. Ghulamin ProgressMS (T&N)
HIRA BINESHA Comparative study for Priority of Data in WBANDr. Humera Farooqin ProgressMS (T&N)
Ahmed FarazEffect Of Linkage Between Performance Appraisal System And Pay On Employee Motivation In A Public Sector AirlineProf Dr Farooq-E-Azam Cheemain ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Amir SultanComparative Study Of The Level Of Satisfaction Between The Faculty Of Public Sector Business Schools And Private Sector Business Schools Operating In KarachiProf Dr Iqbal A. Panhwarin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Muhammad Ali ShafiqueDeveloping A Model To Reduce Moderate And Extreme PovertyProf Dr Shabib-Ul-Hassanin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Irfan SanaSimply “Credit Early Warning System” To Offset The Credit Rating Arbitrage ManipulationProf Dr Khalid Hussain Shaikhin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Nabeel RafiqueImpact Of Internal Performance Indicators On Stock Prices. A Case Of Karachi Stock Exchange 100 IndexDr. Shafiq Ur Rehmanin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Abeer FatimaLinking Agriculture Development And Economic Growth: An Analytical Study Of Agriculture Sector And Economic Development Of PakistanProf Dr Khalid Hussain Shaikhin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Kaleem MustafaImpact Of Alternative Factors On Usage Of Branchless Banking In PakistanProf Dr Abdul Waheedin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Hina AghaAn Analysis Of Post Privatization Financial Performance Of The FirmsProf Dr Khalid Hussain Shaikhin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Hamid Uz ZafarCourse Work Incomplete----in ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Asifa TanveerGovernance Issues Of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS): A Case Study On The IDPS Of FATA, PakistanDr. Rizwana Bashirin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Faisal ShabbirIdentify The Affects To Extended Working Hours On Private Sector Organization Helps In Growth Or Adversely Affects The OrganizationDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Saboor HussainIslamic Banking Issues, Challenges And Corporate Governance Prof Dr Khalid Hussain Shaikhin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Umair MuradAssessment Of Training Effect On Employee Learning And Routine JobDr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Rajia UroojThe Role Of Strategic HRM Practices In Gaining Competitive Advantage To The Organization: A Comparative Study Between MNCs And Non MNC In Pakistan Pharmaceutical IndustryDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Faryal FahimNetworking Supports Faculty Members In Their Profession: Survey Of Karachi Based Three Business Management Institutes. IBA, SZABIST And BahriaProf Dr Mustaghis Ur Rehmanin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Kinza KafilPerception Of Job Rotation Affecting Employee Motivation: A Comparative Study Of Employees And Employers Of 3 Business School In KarachiDr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Sadaf Mohsin FarooquiHigh Remittances Creates In Inequality In Income DistributionProf Dr Mustaghis Ur Rehmanin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Tayyaba KhatoonEffects Of HR Matrices On Financial Performance Of OrganizationsDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Zain Iffat MalikPerformance Of Microfinance Industry In Pakistan: An Empirical Study Of 3 BanksDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Saman ZaidDeterminants Of Exchange Rate In PakistanDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Sana MughalE-Learning: Question Of Quality & Market AcceptabilityDr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressM. Phil Management Sciences
Azmat KhanNeural network based machine for early deduction using feed forward strategy based on local and remote patternsDr. Humerain ProgressPhD (CS)
Bial Muhammad IqbalAn optimum gateway selection mechanism in WSN
and mobile cellular network integration
Dr. Safdarin ProgressPhD (CS)
Hajra MasoodCriminal Identification via GAIT recognition for
surveillance and security
Dr. Humerain ProgressPhD (CS)
MUHAMMAD HUSSAINEnergy efficient communication protocol for smart grid infrastructureDr.Haroon Rasheed
in ProgressPhD (EE)
SHAH NAJMUS SAQIB MAHMOODOptimal spectrum sharing for next generation networksSemester Freezedin ProgressPhD (EE)
MUHAMMAD TAHIR ABBASIOptimizing antenna parameters by employing heuristic approach for massive MIMO systemsDr. Haroon Rasheedin ProgressPhD (EE)
TAIMOOR ZAFARComplex surface measurement of sheet metal parts through NDTDr. Anzar Alamin ProgressPhD (EE)
HINA SHAKIRImage guided techniques for post operative assessment of Cochlear (Ear) Implants
Dr.Haroon Rasheed / Dr. Tariq Mairajin ProgressPhD (EE)
MUHAMMAD SULEMAN ASKARIAn Optimized Grid-Tie Solar Power SystemDr. Anzar Alam/ Dr. Adeel Waqasin ProgressPhD (EE)
NAVEEN IRTIZAAssessment of Neural Correlates of Neuroception using machine learning techniquesDr.Humera Farooq / Dr.Haroon Rasheedin ProgressPhD (EE)
Naeem Ahmed MughalMitigation and management of ground water hazards in Thar coal mining / Thesis Defense presentation is remainingDr. Yasmin Nergisin ProgressPhD (ES)
Amir ManzoorBroadband Internet & Economic Growth: The Case of OECD CountriesProf Dr Iqbal A. PanhwarCompletedPhD (Management Sciences)
Baber Saad KhairiDeterminants of Perceived Environmental Uncertainty in Microfinance in PakistanProf Dr Iqbal A. Panhwarin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Sayma ZiaGender Based Discriminatory HR Practices: An Identification of Ecological Factors & its RemediesProf Dr Iqbal A. Panhwarin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Syed Raza Ali BokhariThe Real Nexus between Culture & Learning Styles of MBA Students in Ethnic ContextProf Dr Iqbal A. Panhwarin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Ms. Afsheen BalochAn Analysis of the Impact of Glass Ceiling on the Work Motivation of the Minorities/ Women in PakistanProf Dr Farooq-e-Azam Cheemain ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Ms. Sadiya ArifDoes Demographic Diversity of the Upper Echelons Affects Organizational Performance? Study from the Textile Sector of PakistanDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Ahmed Raza KhanPerformance Management- HR DevelopmentDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Ghalib A. HassanImpact of Board of Director’s Size on Performance: Banking Sector of PakistanDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Kiran FarooqCorporate Finance: Pakistan PerspectiveProf Dr Iqbal A. Panhwarin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Vijay KumarBehavioral Finance effects on Corporate GovernanceProf Dr Iqbal A. Panhwarin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Salma RahmanResearch Practice Gap in Marketing- Perceptions of Academicians and Practitioners to Bridge this GapProf Dr Mustaghis Ur Rehmanin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Faiza AbdullahRejuvenating The Ancient Silk Road: Regional Integration Through Economic CooperationDr. Mushtaghis-Ur-Rehmanin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Maheen Iqbal AwanTakaful Insurance-A Revolution in the Insurance IndustryDr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Muhammad Akbar SaeedInterest Rate Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission In Pakistan.Dr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Noreen AkhterHuman Resource Management (HRM) Evaluation: The Role of Employee Training Program to the Development of SMEs in PakistanDr. Rafique A. Khanin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Syeda Quratulain KazmiThe Impact of Cultural Differences on Measurement of Brand Equity on International BusinessDr. Mushtaghis-Ur-Rehmanin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Syed Muhammad Shoaib WasimThe Role Of Corporate Governance On Disclosure Clarity And Consequent Effect On Customer & InvestorsDr. Mushtaghis-Ur-Rehmanin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Rafia AlamEffect of the Mechanistic Structure Vs. Organic Structure of the Organization on employee’ Job Satisfaction.Dr. Farooq-e-Azam Cheemain ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Sadaf AlamA Stochastic Dominance Analysis of Wage Inequalities Among Pakistani WorkersDr. Mushtaghis-Ur-Rehmanin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Sobia ZamanInfluence of Employer Branding on recruitment – A Study of FMCG SectorDr. Bashir Ahmadin ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Ayla WajahatThe Discrepancy in the Services Advertised and The Services Provided by the Food Industry of Pakistan.Dr. Farooq-e-Azam Cheemain ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)