Islamabad Campus – PhD scholars

PhD (Management Sciences)

Sr. No Name of Scholars Enroll No. Thesis Topic Supervisor Name Current Status/Progress of Scholar
 1. Qazi Abdul Subhan 2009 Capital flows to emerging markets and growth performance of transitional economies Dr.M.Ali.Saeed Completed
 2. Huma Ayub 01-280102-001 Corporate governance in the context of Islamic financial institutions Dr.M.Ali.Saeed Thesis Write-up In Progress
 3. Nadia Jaweed 01-280102-003 An Appraisal of Enterprise Risk Management in Pakistan Dr.M.Ali.Saeed Thesis Write-up In Progress
 4. Saiqa Saddiqa qureshi 01-280102-004 A study of Glass Ceiling Factors and the Moderating Role of Gender Affecting the Career Progression to the top Echelons of Finance sector of Pakistan. Dr.M.I.Ramay Thesis Write-up In Progress
 5. Sobia Mahmood 01-280102-005 The relationship of transformational leadership style& intellectual capital to improve the services quality of public Health care sector of Pakistan:Rhe moderating role of information technology. Dr.Arif Khattak Thesis Write-up In Progress
 6. Nadia Zafar Bakhtawari 01-280102-007 Effect of Transformational Leasdership on the choice of style in Conflict Management Modes. Dr.M.Ali.Saeed Submitted for Foreign Evaluation
 7. Adnan Shoaib 01-280112-001 Long Run Integration of Earning Management in Capital Structure & FAMA & French Model: Evidence from South Asian Countries. Dr. Ayub Siddiqui Submitted for Foreign Evaluation
 8. Aftab Haider 01-280112-002 Participative Management and job satisfaction Dr.Hafiz Mushtaq Research in Progress
 9. Ali Raza 01-280112-003 Impact of Relationship Marketing tactics on relationship Quality and customer Loyalty. Dr. Amina Muzaffar Comprehensive cleared
 10. Asma Fazal 01-280112-004 Emotional Labor of Higher Education. Dr.Samreen Babar Comprehensive cleared
 11. Atif Bilal 01-280112-005 The Impact of Organisation Bureacracy Employees Creativity and Organizational Innovation. Dr.Hafiz Mushtaq Submitted for Foreign Evaluation
 12. Farrukh Idrees 01-280112-006 Total Quality Management & The Moderating Role of Organizational Culture to Enhance to FER Performnace. Dr. M. Iqbal Saif Submitted for Foreign Evaluation
 13. Ishfaq Ahmed 01-280112-007 The Relationship of Brand Equity and Extension. Dr. Amina Muzaffar Research in Progress
 14. Jamil Ahmed 01-280112-008 A Comparative Analysis on Investment In Conventional & Islamic Mode Of Investment In Pakistan. Dr. Abdul Sattar Research in Progress
 15. Mohsin Raza 01-280112-009 A StepTowards Efficient Market A Case of Karach Stock Exchange. Dr. Ayub Siddiqui Submitted for Foreign Evaluation
 16. Mohsin Ullah 01-280112-010 Strategic Entrepreneurship In Pakistan State Enterprices (PSO). Dr.Hafiz Mushtaq Research in Progress
 17. Rab nawaz Lohdi 01-280112-012 Enterprise Resource Planning System Success In Corporate Sector Of Pakistan. Dr.Faisal Aftab Completed
 18. Sarwat Bilal 01-280112-013 Effect of formal and informal organizational structure on employees, Psychological empowerment Dr.M.I.Ramay In Progress
 19. Sana Ullah Khan 01-280112-014 Philosophy of Total Quality Management and IB Practices in Pakistan. Dr.Samreen Babar In Progress
 20. Adeel Saqib 01-280112-015 An Empirical Investigation of the Core Competencies of individuals on Organizational Learning. Dr. Arif Khattak In Progress
 21. Aaisha Arbab Khan 01-280122-001 Externalization of Tacit Knowledge Through Information System. Dr.Faisal Aftab In Progress
 22. Arooj Kanwal 01-280122-003 Impact of Emotional Labor and its Spillover Effects on Work Fmily Conflicts. Dr. Amina Muzaffar In Progress
 23. Asif Shahzad 01-280122-004 The Impact of Workforce Harassment on Employee Work Performance. Dr. Abdul Sattar In Progress
 24. Ayesha Saba 01-280122-005 Correlation Between Human Capital and Financial Capital in Developing Countries: Case of Pakistan. Dr.Faisal Aftab In Progress
 25. Faryal Razzaq 01-280122-006 Measuring Emotional Intelligence: Introduction of A Workplace. Dr.Faisal Aftab In Progress
 26. Malik Mamoon Munir 01-280122-007 The Impact of Customer Perceived Security and Traits on the Perceived Case of Use and Usefullness of Internet Banking. Dr.Samreen Babar In Progress
 27. Muhammad Ashraf 01-280122-008 The Imapct of Financial Products Attributes and Religious Moderating on their Utilization and Customer Satisfaction in SME Sector. Dr.M.I.Ramay In Progress
 28. Nishat Riaz 01-280122-009 Measuring Emotional Intelligence: Introduction of A Workplace. Dr.Faisal Aftab In Progress
 29. Saira Ashfaq 01-280122-011 Instore Display & In Store Promotions Predict Consumer Impulsive Buying Behavior, Empirical Evidence From Pakistan. Dr. Ayub Siddiqui In Progress
 30. Suhaib Aamir 01-280122-013 Audit Quality Canit Be Improved or Stabilized the Relative Importance of Aduit Quality Attributes. Dr. Ayub Siddiqui In Progress
 31. Zia-Ur-Rehman 01-280122-014 Impact of Corporate Governace on the Performance of Banks in the Back Drop of Recent Financial Crisis: Evidence From Pakistan. Dr. Ayub Siddiqui In Progress
 32. Shagufta Parveen 01-280122-015 Long Term Post Merger Performance on the Firm Evidence from South Asian Countries. Dr. Ayub Siddiqui In Progress
 33. Khalid Mumtaz 01-280131-001 Prediction Model For Predicting corporate default. Dr. Abdul Sattar In Progress
 34. Ijaz Ahmed 01-280132-001 performance appraisal: Impact of justice perception on emplyee performance as mediated by satisfaction in private sector organization of Pakistan. Dr. Abdul Sattar In Progress
 35. Muhammad Naeem Shahid 01-280132-002 Behavior stock return,calender effects& Adaptive market hypothesis(AMH): Evidence from Pak by using historoc data with special focus on Gregonion& islamic calendar. Dr. Abdul Sattar In Progress
 36. Zoia Khan 01-280132-003 Marketing Dr.Arif Khattak In Progress
 37. Muhammad Akram 01-280132-004 Relationship among emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction & Job commitment Evidence from academics in Pak. Dr.M.I.Ramay In Progress
 38. Nouman Malik 01-280132-006 The relationship of brand Management & customer layalty: A cultural perspective. Dr.M.I.Ramay In Progress
 39. Yasir Munir 01-280132-007 Management Dr.M.Ali.Saeed In Progress
 40. Nida Zahid 01-280132-090 Marketing Dr.Arif Khattak In Progress
 41. Abdullah 01-280142-001 The Impact of Leadership on student Achievement. Dr.Hafiz Mushtaq Research in Progress
 42. Ch. Bilal Ahmad Khan 01-280142-002 Effect of complexity leadership practices on entreprenurial orientation- moderating role of successful information system implementation Dr.Riaz Ahmed Research in Progress
 43. Imran Khan 01-280142-003 HRM Dr.Sarwar Zahid Research in Progress
 44. Khuram Shahzad 01-280142-004 HRM Dr.Riaz Ahmed Comprehensive cleared
 45. Qaiser Rashid Janjua 01-280142-005 the impact of organizational assimilation on service quality-customer loyalty relationship and the role of service fairness and switching costs in higher education institutes (HEIs) Dr.Riaz Ahmed Research in Progress
 46. Syed Harris Laeeque 01-280142-006 The Mediating Role Of Knowledge Creation and Innovation in The Relationship Between Learning Organization Practices and Firm Performace Dr.Samreen Babar Research in Progress
 47. Zoya Wajid Satti 01-280142-007 The mediating role of services quality and customer satisfaction in the accusations between sensory marketing and customer loyalty. Dr.Samreen Babar Research in Progress
 48. M. Asim Khan 01-280142-008 Finance Dr.Taqaddus Bashir Research in Progress
 49. M.Awais Mehmood 01-280142-009 Effect of use of social media.makerting on brand eqvity:A case base on Pak higher education institution sector. Dr.Faisal Aftab Research in Progress
 50. Aqil Waqar Khan 01-280152-001 Finance Dr.M.Hanif In Progress
 51. Faisal Mehmood 01-280152-002 Finance Dr.M.Hanif In Progress
 52. Humayon Awan 01-280152-003 Entrepreneurship Dr.M.Hafiz Mushtaq In Progress
 53. Kamran Iqbal 01-280152-004 Human Resource Management Dr.M.Hafiz Mushtaq In Progress
 54. Marria Hassan 01-280152-005 Finance Dr.Taqaddus Bashir In Progress
 55. Muhammad Usman Shah 01-280152-006 Marketing Dr.Riaz Ahmed In Progress
 56. Muzammal Ilyas Sindhu 01-280152-007 Finance Dr.Sarwar Zahid In Progress
 57. Nagina Jamil 01-280152-008 Finance Dr.Taqaddus Bashir In Progress
 58. Saif Ul Rahman 01-280152-009 Banks, Micrifinance institution Dr.M.Hanif In Progress
 59. Sarina Zainab Shirazi 01-280152-010 Management Dr.Hafiz Mushtaq In Progress
 60. Syeda Urooj Babar 01-280152-011 Human Resource Management Dr.Arif Khattak In Progress
 61. Tanveer Taj 01-280152-012 Finance Dr.M.Hanif In Progress
 62. Yahya Farooq 01-280152-013 Finance Dr.Taqaddus Bashir In Progress
 63. Muhammad Irfan Khadim 01-280152-014 Finance(IPO) Dr.M.Hanif In Progress

PhD (EE)

 1. SAMINA RAFIQ Fall 2014 01-281142-001 Consensus control of multi agents uing unreliable communication Dr. Najam ul Islam Proposal preperation in progress
Spring 2014
01-281141-001 Design and modelling of a neural network based energy management system for smart buildings Dr. Najam ul Islam Proposal preperation in progress
 3. SHAHID ISMAIL Fall 2015 01-281141-002 Classification & Localization
of Heart Beats using
PCG and PPG signals
Dr. Imran Siddique Proposal preperation in progress
 4. AHMED QADDUS  Spring 2013 01-281131-001 Interference management
in 5G networks
Dr. Saleem Aslam Lastest progress sent by supervisor is satisfactory
Spring 2013
01-281131-002 Consensus control in multi agents systems Dr. Najam ul Islam N/A
 6. MUHAMMAD FAZAL MURTAZA Spring 2013 01-281131-009   Smart grid Network
Dr. Salman Ahmed (External) Left BU Student freezed spring 2015 after one unsatisfactory progress. He is not responding now. Change of supervisor is due.
 7. MUHAMMAD KAMRAN BHATTI Spring 2012 01-281121-001 Asychronous digital design for body area network Dr. M Ali Shami Latest progress report is unsatisfactory
 8. AHSAN ISHFAQ Sring 2012 01-281122-002 An enhanced scheme for impoving performance of TCP in the next generation networks Dr. Abid Ali Minhas (External) Left BU Spring 2015 progress was satisfactory. Student freezed Fall 2015, now he has been informed to change his supervisor.
 9. UMAR MUJAHID Fall 2011 01-281112-001 Light weight cryptography for low cost passive RFID system Dr. Najam ul Islam Thesis submitted for evaluation

PhD Software Engineering

 1. IKRAM UL HAQ 01-281142-002 Network and System Security Issues in Services Dr.Tamim A Khan
 2. MARIAM AKHTAR KAYANI 01-281142-003 Composite Web Services Dr.Tamim A Khan Working on Research proposal(Also Comperehesive result awaited)
 3. ADEEL MUZAFFAR SYED 01-281132-001 Analysis of OCT and Fundus Images for Detection of Macular Edema Dr.Shehzad Khalid Research Work(Comprehensive Exam Cleared)
 4. Samina Khalid 01-281121-002 Prediction and Detection of Age related Macular Degeneration using OCT and Fundus Imaging Dr Amina Jameel Research Work(Comprehensive Exam Cleared)
 5. Tehmina Khalil 01-281121-003 Automated Detection of Glaucoma using Fundus and OCT Images Dr Amina Jameel Research Work(Comprehensive Exam Cleared)

PhD Computer Engineering

 1. Uzma Jamil
(PhD: Spring 2012)
29861 Melanoma versus Nevus
Lesions Classification using Dermoscopic
Dr. Shehzad
Khalid (CE)
Research Work
 2. Israr Uddin
(PhD: Spring 2012)
29862 Dr. Imran Siddique (CS) Research Work
 3. Qazi Ziaullah
(PhD: Spring 2013)
34935 Exploration of Evolvable and
Developmental architecture for efficient resource management of Multi-core and Multi-node Cloud based Systems
Dr. Khurram Shahzad (CE) Research Work
 4. Waqas Ahmed
(PhD: Fall 2014)
36978 Automatic Detection and
Recognition of License Number Plate under Uncontrolled Environment
Dr. Shahzad Khalid (CE) Working on research

PhD (CS)

 1. Joddat Fatima 01-284152-001 Analysis of Fundus Images for Diagnosis and Grading of Hypertensive Retinopathy Dr. Amina Jamil
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Usman Akran
 2. Zainab Yousaf Zaidi 01-284152-002 An analysis of digital fusion techniques, its implementation strategies and how humanity can benefit from this technology in different deployment environments Dr. Amina Jamil
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Usman Akran
 3. Ghulam Ali Mirza 01-284151-002 Image Processing Dr. Imran Ahmed Siddiqi Satisfied
 4. Safia Shabbir 01-284151-001 Digital Image Processing Dr. Imran Ahmed Siddiqi Satisfied
 5. Momina Moetesum 01-284142-001 Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Dr. Imran Ahmed Siddiqi Satisfied
6. Muhammad Jameel 01-284132-001 Urdu Textual Content Based Video Indexing and Retrieving Dr. Imran Ahmed Siddiqi Satisfied
 7. Sajid Farid 01-284132-002 Network management for mitigating interference under coexistence of low power networks Dr. Faisal Bashir Satisfied
 8. Yousaf Zia 01-284132-003 Mitigation of heterogeneity issues in lowpower lossy networks Dr. Faisal Bashir Satisfied
 9. Zuhaib Uddin Ahmad 01-284132-004 Network Security Dr. Abid Khan Satisfied
 10. Ameer Shakayb Arsalaan 01-281131-003 Delay Tolerant Networks /Efficient and Secure Routing in Disrupted Networks Dr. Shehzad Khalid Satisfied
 11. Armughan Ali 01-281131-004 Data mining and Machine Learning Dr. Amina Jamil Satisfied
 12. Bilal Haider 01-281131-005 Digital Image Forsenics Dr. Amina Jamil
 13. Chaudhry Anwar Shaukat 01-281131-006 Segmentation of Lung Nodules in CT Scan Data Dr. Shehzad Khalid Satisfied
 14. Mehr Yahya Durrani 01-281122-004 Verification using Spatio Temporal Approximations Dr. Shehzad Khalid Satisfied
 15. Muhammad Taimoor Khan 01-281122-003 Unsupervised aspect extraction from large-scale data Dr. Shehzad Khalid
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Furqan Aziz