Islamabad Campus
Name of Scholars/StudentsThesis TopicSupervisor NameCurrent Status/Progress of Scholar/StudentDegree Program
Qazi Abdul SubhanCapital flows to emerging markets and growth performance of transitional economiesDr.M.Ali.SaeedCompletedPhD (Management Sciences)
Huma AyubCorporate governance in the context of Islamic financial institutionsDr.M.Ali.SaeedIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Nadia JaweedAn Appraisal of Enterprise Risk Management in PakistanDr.M.Ali.SaeedIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Saiqa Saddiqa qureshiA study of Glass Ceiling Factors and the Moderating Role of Gender Affecting the Career Progression to the top Echelons of Finance sector of Pakistan.Dr.M.I.RamayIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Sobia MahmoodThe relationship of transformational leadership style& intellectual capital to improve the services quality of public Health care sector of Pakistan:Rhe moderating role of information technology.Dr.Arif KhattakIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Nadia Zafar BakhtawariEffect of Transformational Leasdership on the choice of style in Conflict Management Modes.Dr.M.Ali.SaeedIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Adnan ShoaibLong Run Integration of Earning Management in Capital Structure & FAMA & French Model: Evidence from South Asian Countries.Dr. Ayub SiddiquiIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Aftab HaiderParticipative Management and job satisfactionDr.Hafiz MushtaqIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Ali RazaImpact of Relationship Marketing tactics on relationship Quality and customer Loyalty.Dr. Amina MuzaffarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Asma FazalEmotional Labor of Higher Education.Dr.Samreen BabarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Atif BilalThe Impact of Organisation Bureacracy Employees Creativity and Organizational Innovation.Dr.Hafiz MushtaqIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Farrukh IdreesTotal Quality Management & The Moderating Role of Organizational Culture to Enhance to FER Performnace.Dr. M. Iqbal SaifIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Ishfaq AhmedThe Relationship of Brand Equity and Extension.Dr. Amina MuzaffarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Jamil AhmedA Comparative Analysis on Investment In Conventional & Islamic Mode Of Investment In Pakistan.Dr. Abdul SattarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Mohsin RazaA StepTowards Efficient Market A Case of Karach Stock Exchange.Dr. Ayub SiddiquiIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Mohsin UllahStrategic Entrepreneurship In Pakistan State Enterprices (PSO).Dr.Hafiz MushtaqIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Rab nawaz LohdiEnterprise Resource Planning System Success In Corporate Sector Of Pakistan.Dr.Faisal AftabCompletedPhD (Management Sciences)
Sarwat BilalEffect of formal and informal organizational structure on employees, Psychological empowermentDr.M.I.RamayIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Sana Ullah KhanPhilosophy of Total Quality Management and IB Practices in Pakistan.Dr.Samreen BabarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Adeel SaqibAn Empirical Investigation of the Core Competencies of individuals on Organizational Learning.Dr. Arif KhattakIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Aaisha Arbab KhanExternalization of Tacit Knowledge Through Information System.Dr.Faisal AftabIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Arooj KanwalImpact of Emotional Labor and its Spillover Effects on Work Fmily Conflicts.Dr. Amina MuzaffarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Asif ShahzadThe Impact of Workforce Harassment on Employee Work Performance.Dr. Abdul SattarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Ayesha SabaCorrelation Between Human Capital and Financial Capital in Developing Countries: Case of Pakistan.Dr.Faisal AftabIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Faryal RazzaqMeasuring Emotional Intelligence: Introduction of A Workplace.Dr.Faisal AftabIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Malik Mamoon MunirThe Impact of Customer Perceived Security and Traits on the Perceived Case of Use and Usefullness of Internet Banking.Dr.Samreen BabarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Muhammad AshrafThe Imapct of Financial Products Attributes and Religious Moderating on their Utilization and Customer Satisfaction in SME Sector.Dr.M.I.RamayIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Nishat RiazMeasuring Emotional Intelligence: Introduction of A Workplace.Dr.Faisal AftabIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Saira AshfaqInstore Display & In Store Promotions Predict Consumer Impulsive Buying Behavior, Empirical Evidence From Pakistan.Dr. Ayub SiddiquiIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Suhaib AamirAudit Quality Canit Be Improved or Stabilized the Relative Importance of Aduit Quality Attributes.Dr. Ayub SiddiquiIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Zia-Ur-RehmanImpact of Corporate Governace on the Performance of Banks in the Back Drop of Recent Financial Crisis: Evidence From Pakistan.Dr. Ayub SiddiquiIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Shagufta ParveenLong Term Post Merger Performance on the Firm Evidence from South Asian Countries.Dr. Ayub SiddiquiIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Khalid MumtazPrediction Model For Predicting corporate default.Dr. Abdul SattarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Ijaz Ahmedperformance appraisal: Impact of justice perception on emplyee performance as mediated by satisfaction in private sector organization of Pakistan.Dr. Abdul SattarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Muhammad Naeem ShahidBehavior stock return,calender effects& Adaptive market hypothesis(AMH): Evidence from Pak by using historoc data with special focus on Gregonion& islamic calendar.Dr. Abdul SattarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Zoia KhanMarketingDr.Arif KhattakIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Muhammad AkramRelationship among emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction & Job commitment Evidence from academics in Pak.Dr.M.I.RamayIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Nouman MalikThe relationship of brand Management & customer layalty: A cultural perspective.Dr.M.I.RamayIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Yasir MunirManagementDr.M.Ali.SaeedIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Nida ZahidMarketingDr.Arif KhattakIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
AbdullahThe Impact of Leadership on student Achievement.Dr.Hafiz MushtaqIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Ch. Bilal Ahmad KhanEffect of complexity leadership practices on entreprenurial orientation- moderating role of successful information system implementationDr.Riaz AhmedIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Imran KhanHRMDr.Sarwar ZahidIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Khuram ShahzadHRMDr.Riaz AhmedIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Qaiser Rashid Janjuathe impact of organizational assimilation on service quality-customer loyalty relationship and the role of service fairness and switching costs in higher education institutes (HEIs)Dr.Riaz AhmedIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Syed Harris LaeequeThe Mediating Role Of Knowledge Creation and Innovation in The Relationship Between Learning Organization Practices and Firm PerformaceDr.Samreen BabarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Zoya Wajid SattiThe mediating role of services quality and customer satisfaction in the accusations between sensory marketing and customer loyalty.Dr.Samreen BabarIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
M. Asim KhanFinanceDr.Taqaddus BashirIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
M.Awais MehmoodEffect of use of social media.makerting on brand eqvity:A case base on Pak higher education institution sector.Dr.Faisal AftabIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Aqil Waqar KhanFinanceDr.M.HanifIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Faisal MehmoodFinanceDr.M.HanifIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Humayon AwanEntrepreneurshipDr.M.Hafiz MushtaqIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Kamran IqbalHuman Resource ManagementDr.M.Hafiz MushtaqIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Marria HassanFinanceDr.Taqaddus BashirIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Muhammad Usman ShahMarketingDr.Riaz AhmedIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Muzammal Ilyas SindhuFinanceDr.Sarwar ZahidIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Nagina JamilFinanceDr.Taqaddus BashirIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Saif Ul RahmanBanks, Micrifinance institutionDr.M.HanifIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Sarina Zainab ShiraziManagementDr.Hafiz MushtaqIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Syeda Urooj BabarHuman Resource ManagementDr.Arif KhattakIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Tanveer TajFinanceDr.M.HanifIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Yahya FarooqFinanceDr.Taqaddus BashirIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
Muhammad Irfan KhadimFinance(IPO)Dr.M.HanifIn ProgressPhD (Management Sciences)
SAMINA RAFIQ Fall 2014Consensus control of multi agents uing unreliable communicationDr. Najam ul IslamIn ProgressPhD (EE)
Spring 2014
Design and modelling of a neural network based energy management system for smart buildingsDr. Najam ul IslamIn ProgressPhD (EE)
SHAHID ISMAIL Fall 2015Classification & Localization
of Heart Beats using
PCG and PPG signals
Dr. Imran SiddiqueIn ProgressPhD (EE)
AHMED QADDUS Spring 2013Interference management
in 5G networks
Dr. Saleem AslamIn ProgressPhD (EE)
Spring 2013
Consensus control in multi agents systemsDr. Najam ul IslamIn ProgressPhD (EE)
MUHAMMAD FAZAL MURTAZA Spring 2013  Smart grid Network
Dr. Salman Ahmed (External) Left BUIn ProgressPhD (EE)
MUHAMMAD KAMRAN BHATTI Spring 2012Asychronous digital design for body area networkDr. M Ali ShamiIn ProgressPhD (EE)
AHSAN ISHFAQ Sring 2012An enhanced scheme for impoving performance of TCP in the next generation networksDr. Abid Ali Minhas (External) Left BUIn ProgressPhD (EE)
UMAR MUJAHID Fall 2011Light weight cryptography for low cost passive RFID systemDr. Najam ul IslamIn ProgressPhD (EE)
IKRAM UL HAQNetwork and System Security Issues in ServicesDr.Tamim A KhanIn ProgressPhD Software Engineering
MARIAM AKHTAR KAYANIComposite Web ServicesDr.Tamim A KhanIn ProgressPhD Software Engineering
ADEEL MUZAFFAR SYEDAnalysis of OCT and Fundus Images for Detection of Macular EdemaDr.Shehzad KhalidIn ProgressPhD Software Engineering
Samina KhalidPrediction and Detection of Age related Macular Degeneration using OCT and Fundus ImagingDr Amina JameelIn ProgressPhD Software Engineering
Tehmina KhalilAutomated Detection of Glaucoma using Fundus and OCT ImagesDr Amina JameelIn ProgressPhD Software Engineering
Uzma Jamil
(PhD: Spring 2012)
Melanoma versus Nevus
Lesions Classification using Dermoscopic
Dr. Shehzad
Khalid (CE)
In ProgressPhD Computer Engineering
Israr Uddin
(PhD: Spring 2012)
Dr. Imran Siddique (CS)In ProgressPhD Computer Engineering
Qazi Ziaullah
(PhD: Spring 2013)
Exploration of Evolvable and
Developmental architecture for efficient resource management of Multi-core and Multi-node Cloud based Systems
Dr. Khurram Shahzad (CE)In ProgressPhD Computer Engineering
Waqas Ahmed
(PhD: Fall 2014)
Automatic Detection and
Recognition of License Number Plate under Uncontrolled Environment
Dr. Shahzad Khalid (CE)In ProgressPhD Computer Engineering
Joddat FatimaAnalysis of Fundus Images for Diagnosis and Grading of Hypertensive RetinopathyDr. Amina Jamil
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Usman Akran
In ProgressPhD (CS)
Zainab Yousaf ZaidiAn analysis of digital fusion techniques, its implementation strategies and how humanity can benefit from this technology in different deployment environmentsDr. Amina Jamil
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Usman Akran
In ProgressPhD (CS)
Ghulam Ali MirzaImage ProcessingDr. Imran Ahmed SiddiqiIn ProgressPhD (CS)
Safia ShabbirDigital Image ProcessingDr. Imran Ahmed SiddiqiIn ProgressPhD (CS)
Momina MoetesumImage Processing and Pattern RecognitionDr. Imran Ahmed SiddiqiIn ProgressPhD (CS)
Muhammad JameelUrdu Textual Content Based Video Indexing and RetrievingDr. Imran Ahmed SiddiqiIn ProgressPhD (CS)
Sajid FaridNetwork management for mitigating interference under coexistence of low power networksDr. Faisal BashirIn ProgressPhD (CS)
Yousaf ZiaMitigation of heterogeneity issues in lowpower lossy networksDr. Faisal BashirIn ProgressPhD (CS)
Zuhaib Uddin AhmadNetwork SecurityDr. Abid KhanIn ProgressPhD (CS)
Ameer Shakayb ArsalaanDelay Tolerant Networks /Efficient and Secure Routing in Disrupted NetworksDr. Shehzad KhalidIn ProgressPhD (CS)
Armughan AliData mining and Machine LearningDr. Amina JamilIn ProgressPhD (CS)
Bilal HaiderDigital Image ForsenicsDr. Amina Jamil
In ProgressPhD (CS)
Chaudhry Anwar ShaukatSegmentation of Lung Nodules in CT Scan DataDr. Shehzad KhalidIn ProgressPhD (CS)
Mehr Yahya DurraniVerification using Spatio Temporal ApproximationsDr. Shehzad KhalidIn ProgressPhD (CS)
Muhammad Taimoor KhanUnsupervised aspect extraction from large-scale dataDr. Shehzad Khalid
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Furqan Aziz
In ProgressPhD (CS)
MUHAMMAD DAUD KHANImpact of innovation orientaion on marketing performance from SMEs perspectiveDr.M.I.RamayIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
RIZWAN ABBASIImpact of Hybrid Leadership on employee Motivation.DR.Hafiz MushtaqIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
SAJJAD ALIMarketingNilIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
SUMAIRA ABBASManagement and clicent perceptions on the implementation of integrated marketing communication in PakDr. Ismail RamayIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
SYED ATIR GERDAZIUsing Zakat as investment source for Islamic FinancingDr.M.Hafiz MustaqIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
WAQAS ULLAHWorking Capital Management Practices and market performanceKhalid MumtazIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
MIRZA MUHAMMAD ADNANcomparative analysis of the services of PIA with respect to the airlines operating from Pakistan.Dr.Faisal AftabIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
ZAIN REHMAN KHANQuality ManagementDr Zahid MahmoodIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
ALI ASGHAR KHANHuman Resourse managementDr.M.Ayub SiddquiIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
ASIF NASEEM ABBASIOrganizational Culture and MarketingDr. Amina MuzaffarIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
FAISAL IFTIKHAR SATTIHuman Resourse managementDr Faisal AftabIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
KHURAIM JAVAID IQBALConsumer ValueDr. Amina MuzaffarIn ProgressMPhil (MS)
Adeeba ImtiazInternet addiction and its relationship with loneliness and depressionMs. Amira AmjadIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Asma AslamDevelopment of scale of emotional intelligenceMrs. Dr. Uzma MasroorIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Babra AmanatPersonal distress and quality of life among parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorderMr. Dr. Mahmood SadiqIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Farah AftabEffect of physical exercise on psychological healthMrs. Dr. Uzma MasroorIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Farhat ZareenMarital relationship by the type of marriage and age disparity among couplesMrs. Dr. Uzma MasroorIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Hamna Arooj AsifRelationship of parental acceptance / rejection with bullying behavior in adolescents and ( ) playing the role of a moderatorMrs. Dr. Uzma MasroorIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Ifrah IqbalEfficacy of eidetic therapy for PTSD symptomsMs. Amira AmjadIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Laraib TanveerPerception of mental illness in transgenderMs. Amira AmjadIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Maaz AhmedAnger as consequence of executive functioning in individuals with substance use disorder and non usersMr. Dr. Tahir KhalilyIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Maria AshrafEffectiveness of CBT for academic achievement among university studentsMrs. Dr. Uzma MasroorIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Maryam AliA comparison among learning style of dyslexic and non dyslexic studentsMr. Dr. Mahmood SadiqIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Mehwish KamranPsychological reaction to suicide bombing among directly affected individuals and general populationMs. Amira AmjadIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Moeen AhmadWhere obsessions come from? A study of clinical and non clinical population in determing obsessionsMr. Dr. Tahir KhalilyIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
M. Umar FayyazEmotional Intelligence and Competitive Anxiety as a Predictor of Successful Performance in Domestic/International CricketersMs. Amira AmjadIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Nabil EhsanPTSD & stress among battle injured soldiers of Pakistan ArmyMr. Dr. Mahmood SadiqIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Nasir Ali KharalDevelopment of extremism scaleMr. Dr. Mahmood SadiqIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Pirzada M. MuneebImpact of terrorism and coping strategies of victims of terrorist events KPKMr. Dr. Mahmood SadiqIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Qurat-ul-AinRelationship between depression, social support and the sociodemographic variables among elderlyMr. Dr. Tahir KhalilyIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Sadia BatoolEfficacy of ABA techniques on autistic childrenMs. Amira AmjadIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Saira AshrafRelationship between acute stress disorder and brain injuryMs. Amira AmjadIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Samaha SufyanEmotional distress and resilience among caregivers of bipolar disorderMrs. Dr. Uzma MasroorIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Sana SaifImpact of CBT on depressive tendencies and adherence to medicine among diabeticsMrs. Dr. Uzma MasroorIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Shahida AhmedLife satisfaction as a predictor of common mental disorder in married individuals in HunzaMs. Amira AmjadIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Sikandar KhanCBT as supportive treatment for Erectile DysfunctionMs. Amira AmjadIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Syeda Tuba HaiderCognitive errors myths among phobic and non phobic addscentsMr. Dr. Mahmood SadiqIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Uzma MushtaqThe relationship of academic performance with anxiety among university studentsMr. Dr. Mahmood SadiqIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
Ali HassanPerceived stress among nurses of psychiatric ward patients with and without suicidal behaviorMr. Dr. Mahmood SadiqIn ProgressMS Clinical Psychology
BUSHRA TANVEER NAQVIOpted for Course work_In ProgressMS (CS)
HUMAIRA REHMANNegative Sequential Pattern Mining from Uncertain dataDr. Muhammad MuzammalIn ProgressMS (CS)
MUHAMMAD FAHAD ADEEL KHANOpted for Course work_In ProgressMS (CS)
MUHAMMAD RIZWAN PASHAWorking on Thesis proposal_In ProgressMS (CS)
MUHMMAD AKRAM SAHIOpted for Course work_In ProgressMS (CS)
RAHAT ULLAHOpted for Course work_In ProgressMS (CS)
SIDRA NAWAZOpted for Course work_In ProgressMS (CS)
TALBIA JAMILWorking on Thesis proposal_In ProgressMS (CS)
AZHAR HABIBWorking on Thesis proposalDr. Muhammad MuzammalIn ProgressMS (CS)
BABAR ALIWorking on Thesis proposal_In ProgressMS (CS)
MUHAMMAD FURQAN SHAHIDCompressive Sensing based Satellite Image FusionDr.Amna jameelIn ProgressMS (CS)
MUHAMMAD MANSOOR JAVEDWorking on Thesis proposal_In ProgressMS (CS)
SHABBIR SULTAN BAIGWorking on Thesis proposal_In ProgressMS (CS)
SYED MEHTAB ALAMWorking on Thesis proposal_In ProgressMS (CS)
MUHAMMAD HAMMAD J GHORIWorking on Thesis proposal_In ProgressMS (CS)
MUHAMMAD SALMANCommunity Detection in Large Social NetworksDr. Muhammad MuzammalIn ProgressMS (CS)
IMRAN SIDDIQUEA hybrid of ant colony …Engr. Saqib HaroonIn ProgressMS (EE)
KHURRAM SHAHZADFixed healed short term …Engr. Saqib HaroonIn ProgressMS (EE)
MUHAMMAD WAQASCalculating Potential proof top area …Engr. Jehanzeb AhmadIn ProgressMS (EE)
RAHEELA JAMALBio-Inspired Computational Heuristics …Dr. Asif Zahoor RajaIn ProgressMS (EE)
IMTISAL AKHTARAn efficient energy management ..Engr. Jehanzeb AhmadIn ProgressMS (EE)
MUHAMMAD SOHAIBA study for a sustainable …Engr. Jehanzeb AhmadIn ProgressMS (EE)
SHAFQAT IMRANDesign optimization …Engr. Jehanzeb AhmadIn ProgressMS (EE)
TALHA UMAIR SULTANMinimizing COE …Engr. Jehanzeb AhmadIn ProgressMS (EE)
ABDUL HADIComperitive Effect Of Dominent Forest Trees Species On Soil Characteristics In District BunerM. Khubaib AbuzarIn ProgressMS EPM
AHSAN JAMALLandslide Susceptibility Mapping Of 43-F/10, Part Of District Mansehra, Neelum and Muzaffarabad Using Bivariate Statistical MethodM. Khubaib AbuzarIn ProgressMS EPM
MIAN ADNAN JAVEDWater Quality Assesment Of Drinking Water Of IslamabadM. Khubaib AbuzarIn ProgressMS EPM
SAIMA AKBAREffect Of Climate Change On Floods Of Pakistan And Gap Analysis Of Exixting Policies AND VISION 2025-40M. Khubaib AbuzarIn ProgressMS EPM
SAIMA TARIQComparitive Study Of Existing Gas Vs Geothermal Air Conditioning System (HVAS) In Bahria University Islamabad And Its Impact On Environment AND EconomyDr. Muhammad ZafarIn ProgressMS EPM
SAJJAD ALI HAIDERImpact Of Climate Change On Growth Of Chir Pine At MureeM. Khubaib AbuzarIn ProgressMS EPM
SYED ALI HAIDERDeveloping The GLOF-induced Socioeconomic Challanges Inventory & Risk Reduction Plan For Sosot & PINGAL Villages Of Ghizar, Gilgit, BaltistanFiza SarwarIn ProgressMS EPM
FAISAL MUNIR KHANEvaluation of heavy metals in soil and water: a case study in hattar industrial estate, khairpurDr. FarooqIn ProgressMS EPM
JAVERIA KHALID NIAZICopper immobilization by compost in bioretention system under unsaturated conditionsM.khubaib abuzarIn ProgressMS EPM
WAQAR ALIGIS based analysis of drinking water supply structure in vulnerable areas of IslamabadDr. Said AkbarIn ProgressMS EPM
IQRA CHUHANIn ProgressM.khubaib abuzarIn ProgressMS EPM
SAMMAN SHEHZADIComparative evaluation of resources of groundwater in haripurAsif JavedIn ProgressMS EPM
AHMED ISLAMThe Righteousness of CAPM for Measuring Bankruptcy RiskDr. Taqadus BashirIn ProgressMS-Finance
AMMARA IFTIKHARSemi-Strong Form Efficiency of Gold Market: Empirical Evidence From PakistanDr. Taqadus BashirIn ProgressMS-Finance
ANAS AZIZImpact of interest rate and exchange rate changes on excess return.Dr. Sarwar ZahidIn ProgressMS-Finance
ANJUM RIAZImpact of merger and Acquisiton on Operating performance: Evidence From Pakistan FirmsMuzammal SubhanIn ProgressMS-Finance
ANUM SHAHIDDeterminants of growth comparitive analysis between Pakistan and ChinaDr.M. AliIn ProgressMS-Finance
AQSA SABIRInternal Vs. External Financing in high Growth FirmsDr. Taqadus BashirIn ProgressMS-Finance
FURQAN NAZIRTendency of Accruals reversal and earning management on likely hood of financial statement fraud resulting stock returns.Dr. Sarwar ZahidIn ProgressMS-Finance
HAMZA IJAZ BHATTIImpact of Cost of Capital&Govt. Policies on Corporate Investment in The Production&Service Sector of Pakistan
Osman Bin SaifIn ProgressMS-Finance
HIFZA AJAZImpact of Corporate Governance On Firm Credit Risk Of The Pakistani Banking SectorDr.Abdul SattarIn ProgressMS-Finance
HINA TAHIRImpact of Capital Structure on Performance of Sugar Industry in PakistanDr. SamreenIn ProgressMS-Finance
JAVERIA NAWAZ ABBASIDividend Policy and Firm's Financial Performance: Emperical Evidence From Pakistan's Manufacturing SectorDr.Abdul SattarIn ProgressMS-Finance
KAMRAN AHMADImpact of islamic finance on economic growth-An empirical evidence from Pak.Dr.M.HanifIn ProgressMS-Finance
MEHRAN KHANInvestor Sophistication and Disposition effect: Personal Characteristics Affecting Trading StrategiesDr. Taqadus BashirIn ProgressMS-Finance
MUHAMMAD AHMAD FAWADDeterminants of profitability in cement industry of PakistanDr.M. AliIn ProgressMS-Finance
MUHAMMAD AWAIS AKRAMDeterminants of capital structure evidence from Automobile Industry of PakistanDr.M. AliIn ProgressMS-Finance
MUHAMMAD AWAIS ANWARDeterminants of capital structure evidence from Automobile Industry of PakistanShumaila IsrarIn ProgressMS-Finance
MUHAMMAD JUNAID AKRAMFactors Affecting Stock prices in Banking sector of pakistanDr.M. AliIn ProgressMS-Finance
NAVEED REHMANScrap Disposal Value of The E-Waste in PakistanDr. SamreenIn ProgressMS-Finance
QASID AHMEDEvaluate and Analysing the performance of financial sector by measuring the efficiency of banking sector in Pakistan with approach of data envelopment analysisDr.M. AliIn ProgressMS-Finance
RABIA KHALIDThe Low Volatility puzzle: Evidence From KSE-100Dr. Arif khattakIn ProgressMS-Finance
RAJASH GILLAnnouncement Impact on Stock prices Role of Bonus IssueDr. Taqadus BashirIn ProgressMS-Finance
SADIA TARIQIntrusion of Behavioral Biases in Investor's Deccision MakingDr. Taqadus BashirIn ProgressMS-Finance
SARA GULLSize and Risk Taking of Financial Institutions: Evidence From Financial Sector of PakistanDr.Abdul SattarIn ProgressMS-Finance
SUMAIRA KOUSARPerformance measurementDr.M. AliIn ProgressMS-Finance
SUNDUS MOHSINEffects of Radicalization on Economic Growth; A Cross Country StudyDr. Nadia TahirIn ProgressMS-Finance
SAHER ZEASTCorporate governance country governance and foreign direct investment: An empirical estimation for PakistanKhalid MumtazIn ProgressMS-Finance
AAMINA IHSANAssessment of RM practices in Islamic banksDr.M.HanifIn ProgressMS-Finance
MUHAMMAD ISHFAQN.ANot confirm yetIn ProgressMS-Finance
AMIR MEHMOODDual causal relationship of finance leverage & firm performance evidence from Pak & India.Mr.Qazi SubhanIn ProgressMS-Finance
FAISAL RIZWANImpact of Credit Ratings Announcement: An Evidence From The KSEOsman Bin SaifIn ProgressMS-Finance
FARHAD JADOONExchange rate volatility and economic growthMr.Qazi SubhanIn ProgressMS-Finance
IJAZ AHMADIs the karachi stock exchange proficient? Empirical testing of existence of Ramzan effect on textile sector of PakistanOsman Bin SaifIn ProgressMS-Finance
KHALID USMANDoes Herding Behavior Exist in Automobile Sector and Oil&Gas Sector of KSEDr. SamreenIn ProgressMS-Finance
MUHAMMAD UZAIR JAMALEffect of Global Diversification on Firms ValueDr. SamreenIn ProgressMS-Finance
ZEESHAN AKRAM BHATTISocio-Economic impact by microfinance on borrowers status.Dr. SamreenIn ProgressMS-Finance
MUHAMMAD ABBAS ZAFARGeneral & Presidential election and stock return estimatior for ISE, LSE.Osman Bin SaifIn ProgressMS-Finance
ZUHAIB ALI KHANimpact of country rating on stock market volatility: estimation for KSE, LSE, & ISEDr. SamreenIn ProgressMS-Finance
ALI HASAN ALVIThe relationship b/w the diposition effect & herding behavior:Evidence from Karachi stocks exchange(KES)Dr.Taqaddus BashirIn ProgressMS-Finance
Imran Ullahco-integration b/w stock markets of develpoed & develpoing countries countriesDr.NadiaIn ProgressMS-Finance
AHSEN ALIIntegrated geological and reservoir properties to study the petroleum system, structural and facies modeling of Miano Area Central Indus BasinRaiees AmjadIn ProgressMS (Geology)
BILAL AHMEDIntegrated geological and reservoir properties to study the petroleum system, structural and facies modeling of Sanghar BlockCentral Indus BasinRaiees AmjadIn ProgressMS (Geology)
HASSAN KHANIntegrated geological and reservoir properties to study the petroleum system, structural and facies modeling of Pirkoh gas field Raiees AmjadIn ProgressMS (Geology)
MOHIB ULLAH KHANMicrofacies analysis and Diagenetic settings of early Eocene Margalla Hill limestone near GT road IslamabadMumtaz Ali KhanIn ProgressMS (Geology)
M.AZAM ABBASReservoir Evaluation of Dadu Block Using Wire Line Logs,Southern Indus Basin PakistanSaqib MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geology)
M.HUSSNAIN KHANFormation evaluation by using petrophysical analysis and stratigraphic corelation of missa kaswal wells 01,02 and 03, upper indus basin PakistanUrooj shakirIn ProgressMS (Geology)
M.KAMRANPetrophysical analysis of Meyal Well#08,09,14 of upper Indus basin, PakistanSaqib MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geology)
SAQIB MINHASIntegrated geological and reservoir properties to study the petroleum system, structural and facies modeling of Sinjhoro Area Central Indus Basin.Raiees AmjadIn ProgressMS (Geology)
SYED DANISH HAIDER BUKHARIGeneration of regional strata trends through geological data,integration in Sawan Area,Central Indus Basin,PakM. Fahad MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geology)
SYED FARAZ GILLANIReservoir Charcteristics of Qadirpur area usong integrated studies based on geological data of central Indus basin.Raiees AmjadIn ProgressMS (Geology)
SYED MAMOON SIYAREvaluation of Chichali FormationAs a potential source rock in Kohat sub basin,KPK PakistanDr. M. ZafarIn ProgressMS (Geology)
WAQAS TALIBIntegrated geological and reservoir properties to study the petroleum system, structural and facies modeling of Kadanwari Area Central Indus BasinM. Fahad MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geology)
ZAIN UR REHMANIntegrated petroleum geosciences study of Pindori oil feld Upper Indus basinM. Fahad MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geology)
ZAWAR MUHAMMAD KHANIntegrated petroleum geocience technique for reservoir characteristics of Turkwal Area Upper Indus basin PakistanM. Fahad MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geology)
ZEESHAN KHATTAKMicrofacies analysis and Diagenetic Analysis of Lockhart limestone Shah Allah Ditta Area, Islamabad.Mumtaz Ali KhanIn ProgressMS (Geology)
OMAIR ASHFAQPore Pressure and Reservoir Analysis of Joyamir Area, Upper Indus Basin, PakistanMr. Muhammad Fahad MehmoodMS (Geology)
SYED HAMID RAZA GILANISeismic based Structural Interpretation and Petrophysical analysis along with pore pressure studies, Dhodak Area,Central Indus Basin, PakistanMr. Muhammad Fahad MehmoodMS (Geology)
ABDUL QADIRTo evaluate environment of deposition and diagentic fabrics of sakesar limestone through sedimentology and wireline log data, potowar sub-basin PakistanMr. Mumtaz Ali KhanIn ProgressMS (Geology)
ABID NAWAZDiagenisis and reservoir rocks characterisation of the samana suk formation at khawari khawar section, nizampur area, khyber pakhtunkhwaMr. Mumtaz Ali KhanIn ProgressMS (Geology)
ADEEB AHMEDSource rock evaluation of datta formation, upper Indus basin PakistanMr. Saqib MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geology)
AMIR RIAZPetrophysical analysis along with Stratigraphic Correlation Of PUNJPIR-1 and PANJPIR-5 Wells, Central Indus Basin, PakistanMr. Mustafa YarIn ProgressMS (Geology)
AZHAR IQBALSedimentology,sequence stratigraphy and source rock potential of early eocene nammal formation, eastern salt range PakistanMr. Salim ShehzadIn ProgressMS (Geology)
BILAL AHMED MALIKAn integrated subsurface geological and petrophysical study for reservoir characterization of meyal field area, upper Indus basin,PakistanMr. Saqib MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geology)
JAHANZAIB ALI SYEDEvaluation of reservoir quatity in Lower Goru Sands of Sawan Wells, Central Indus Basin, PakistanMr. Adil naseerIn ProgressMS (Geology)
KHAWAJA AFTAB AHMEDPetrophysical analysis and Stratigraphic correlation of ZAUR-01 and ZAUR03 Wells, BADIN BLOCK, Lower Indus Basin, PakistanMr. Mustafa YarIn ProgressMS (Geology)
M AAMIR MAQSOODPetrophysical, Interpretation, Characteristics and Correlation of Sinjhoro Block, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan Mr. Saqib MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geology)
MUHAMMAD FAHADReservoir characterization and microfacies analysis of chorgali formation, upper Indus basin,PakistanMr. Muftafa YarIn ProgressMS (Geology)
SALMAN KHURSHIDSedimentology and reservoir characterization of kingriali formation in zaluch nala, western salt range,PakistanMr.Mumtaz Ali khanIn ProgressMS (Geology)
UZAIR AHMADFormation evaluation of Cretaceous strata in Punjab Platform, Middle Indus Basin, PakistanMr Raiees AmjadIn ProgressMS (Geology)
WAQAR AHMADSequence stratigraphy,facies analysis, depositional model and reservoir potential of the eocene sakesar limestone,exposed in eastern salt range, upper Indus basin,PakistanMr. Salim ShehzadIn ProgressMS (Geology)
SARDAR M. UMER FAROOQOrganic geochemistry and source rock potential assessment of chhidru formation, upper Indus Mr. Saqib MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geology)
HASAN ALIPetrophysical and Geothermal properties for Mesozoic strata in Northern part of Punjab Platform ,Central Indus Basin, PakistanMr Raiees AmjadIn ProgressMS (Geology)
ADNAN AYUBSubsurface reservoir mapping and measurement of HC potential by using 2D seismic and petrophysical analysis of Rajan Area Upper Indus basinSaqib MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
AHMED TAHIR MALIKStructural demarcation and petrophusical modeling of reservoir using 2D seismic & well log of Turkwal Area upper Indus basinSaqib MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
ANEEQA IDREESSeismic attribute inversion and petrophysical analysis for estimating reservoir properties for the purpose of field development Kadanwari area, middle Indus Basin , PalistanDr. Anwar QadirIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
EHTISHAM ABDUL REHMANGeostatistical reservoir modeling of Meyal Field upper Indus basin PakistanAdil NaseerIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
JUWARIAH JAVEDSeismic inversion of reservoir property prediction based on neural network of Qadirpur Area Central Indus basinDr. Tahseenullah KhanIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
KALEEM ULLAHStructural and Stratigraphical analysis,To map the distribution of Cretaceous sand bodies in Miano Area,central Indus basinDr. Anwar QadirIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
MASAB TOOSYMappong depositional geometries of Cretaceous & Eocene reservoir in Mubarak Area, Central Indus basin PakistanDr. Anwar QadirIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
MOMINA TANVIRDetailed reservoir analysis using geophysical and geological dat of Balkassar Area Upper Indus basin PakistanUrooj ShakirIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
M.GHAZI HUNAINAssessment of Lower Goru sands in Kadanwari, Tajjal and Sawan Area, Central Indus basin PakistanDr. Anwar QadirIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
M. TALHA MALIKSeismic inversion and rock physics modeling of Zamzama Area , lower Indus basin,PakistanM. Fahad MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
SHAHAB AHMEDStructural Style And 2D seismic and petrophysical interpretation of upper sands of Lower Goru, Middle Indus BasinSaqib MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
SHAIKH AQEEL AHMEDUnconventional Gas Reservoir static modeling ; A case study from Miano field, Central Indus Basin PakistanM. Fahad MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
UM E AIMEN2D seismic interpretation and trace model, Generation of Kandanwari Gas field, Middle Indus basin PakDr. M. ZafarIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
UMAR HASSANStructural interpretation and determination of HC potential by seismic inversion and modeling of Bitrism field, lower Indus basin PakistanAdil NaseerIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
UZAIR HAMID AWANSeismic, petrophysical and geomechanical modeling for HC evalution in Messa Keswal field Upper Indus basinAdil NaseerIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
ZAHRA MANZOOR2D seismic interpretation followed by attributes and petrophysical analysis of Sinjhoro area, Lower Indus Basin, PakistanDr. Tahseenullah KhanIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
ZOHAIB MAQSOODStructural Delination of Pindori Oil Field using seismic and log data upper Indus basin PakistanUrooj shakirIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
ZUNAIRA NAWAZImpedence inversion based reservoir prediction using neural law Kandra Area Central Indus Basin PakistanDr. Tahseenullah KhanIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
FURQAN AFTABPost stack inversion and seismic attribute analysis of Miano area, Central Indus Basin, PakistanMs. Urooj ShakirIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
MUHAMAD MUTI UR RAHMANSeismic sequence stratigraphic and attributes analysis integrated with petrophysical analysis of kadinwari area,middle Indus basin PakistanMr. M. Fahad MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
MUHAMMAD ASIF KHANReservoir characterization of zamzama area, southern Indus basin Pakistan,using 3D post-stack seismic inversionMr. M. Raiees AmjadIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
MUHAMMAD AYUB KHANReservoir Simulation and Seismic data analysis for hydrocarbon prospects of Dhurnal Area, Upper Indus Basin,PakistanDr. Tehseenullah Khan BangashIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
MUHAMMAD NOFAL MUNIRGeological, geophysical and geochemical analysis of the assessment of source rock potential of chichali formation , upper Indus basin, PakistanMr. M. Raiees AmjadIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
RIDA AZHZR2 D Interpretation and reservoir Characterization of Pindori Area, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan.Ms. Urooj ShakirIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
SIKANDAR MASOODSeismic Interpretation and Geostatistical reservoir modeling of Miano Field, centeral Indus basin Pakistan Mr.Adil NaseerIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
TAYYAB MALIKHydrocarbon prospect generation study of gambat area, lower Indus basin Pakistan Ms. Urooj ShakirIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
UROOSA QAMERAVO Modeling based Rock Physiscs and Elastic Impedence analysis of Kadanwari Area, Central Indus Basin,PakistanDr. Tehseenullah Khan BangashIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
ZOONASH ARSHADinterpretation and reservior characterization of dhulian area upper indus basin PakistanMs. Urooj ShakirIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
ABDUL KAREEMSeismic interpretation and reservoir characterization of sawan field, centeral Indus basin Pakistan Mr. Adil NaseerIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
MARIAM TARIQEstimation of porosity from seismic amplitudes integrated with comparison of water saturation calculationMr. M. Fahad MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
WASEEM ABBASReservoir characterization of qadirpur area using gassmann fluid substitution and AVA modelingMr. M. Fahad MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
BEENISH ASLAMQuantitative seismic characterization using post-stack inversion for estimating unconventional reservoir potential badin area,lower Indus basin PakistanMr. M. Fahad MehmoodIn ProgressMS (Geophysics)
ADEELA ALTAFRelationship between Project collabrative Qualities and Project success: in Moderating effect of Knowledge Integration capabilitiesDr Riaz AhmedIn ProgressMS (PM)
ANEELA KUNWALThe Impact of Project Management Assets on Project Management performace outcomesDr Sarwar ZahidIn ProgressMS (PM)
FATIMA TU ZAHRATop Management support and Project Performance: Moderating effect of Transactional LeadershipDr Riaz AhmedIn ProgressMS (PM)
IQRA SABIRInfluence of Trandformational Leadership on employees creativity : Organizational support as moderatorDr Riaz AhmedIn ProgressMS (PM)
KHAN FARHAN RAFATModerating Role of National culture of Project Management performance and Project SuccessDr Riaz AhmedIn ProgressMS (PM)
MARYAM NAEEMImpact of servant leadership style and emotional intelligence on Project successDr Arif KhatakIn ProgressMS (PM)
NADRA SABEENAn empirical study on Project Management tools and Techniques and Project success: Moderating role of Situational FactorsDr Riaz AhmedIn ProgressMS (PM)
SHEHWAR TANVEERRelationship between ethical values and turnover intention: The Mediating role of person Orgnization-FITDr Riaz AhmedIn ProgressMS (PM)
SYEDA MISBAH TUL AIN ZAHRAInfluence of External Risk factor on project success in information technology sectorDr Riaz AhmedIn ProgressMS (PM)
RUKHSANA BAQIThe Impact of transformational leadership on job satisfaction and job work performance of teachers(staff): the case of education sector in Baluchistan QuettaDr Arif KhatakIn ProgressMS (PM)
FAWAD RIAZ JAHANGIRIOrganizational Stree and job performance; The mediating role of coping stategies in software implementation projectsDr Riaz AhmedIn ProgressMS (PM)
SYED MURTAZA ISHAQDetermining the significance of safety and complience for the timely completion of construction promects in PakistanDr M Ismail RamayIn ProgressMS (PM)
UROOJ MAHMOODAssesment of Risk Management in construction project of PakistanDr. Faisal AftabIn ProgressMS (PM)
NASEEM ANWARRelationship b/w PMO features and organizational maturity : moderating effect of project enviornmentDr Sarwar ZahidIn ProgressMS (PM)
ADEEL AHMADRole of Higher education institutions in innovation of new technologies through hybrid formationsDr. Faisal AftabIn ProgressMS (PM)
FARRUKH MAHFOOZImportance of Flood Mitigation and Water Security for PakistanDr Ayub SiddiquiIn ProgressMS (PM)
AMIR ALIDynamic Super-Frame Adjustment in Cluster Topology based IEEE 802.15.4 NetworksDr. Faisal BashirIn ProgressMS (Telecom & Networking)
SIDRA SIDDIQUITest Pattern: A Structured Approach to Address the Recurrent Testing for Service Oriented SystemsDr TamimIn ProgressMS (Telecom & Networking)