Revised Publication Fee Policy
Category: June 12, 2017

Policy for the Payment of Publication Fee for Journal Publications

Policy Number: BUORIC-P04

Effective Date: 20th July, 2011

1st Amendment Date: 20th November, 2016

2nd Amendment Date: 7th June, 2017

Effective Date of 2nd Amendment: 1st July, 2017

Policy Title: Payment of Publication Fee for Journal Publications

Approval Authority: 16th Academic Council Meeting held at BUHO on 20-21 July, 2014 vide Agenda Item No. 10 and subsequently approved by Competent Authority

Responsible Party:

Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC)


Some International and local Journals charge publication fee for the publishing of research papers by faculty members and researchers of the world. Nevertheless, the publication fee at times becomes obstacle to publish one’s research work.

For the purpose of encouraging its faculty members and MS/MPhil & PhD Scholars to publish their research work.


  • All BU Faculty Members/Researchers/Adjunct Faculty Members/, MS/MPhil and PhD Scholars can apply for the reimbursement of publication fee.
  • Publication Fee shall be paid for only those journal publications which are counted towards HEC’s University Rankings i.e. Publications in ISI-Indexed Journals with impact factor and Publications in HEC recognized “X” and “Y” category journals.
  • MS/MPhil & PhD Scholars of BU can also apply for the payment of publication fee by BU. However, for PhD Scholars, Publication Fee shall be given to the research publications which are subsequent to their mandatory research paper degree requirement of PhD Program.

Policy Statement:

  1. Following mechanism will be applicable for the payment of publication fee by BU:
    • In case of research publication where Sole Author or all Authors from BU, 100% publication fee will be reimbursed by BU.
    • In case of research publication where there are multiple authors i.e. authors from BU as well as from different universities or organizations, publication fee will be equally divided among all authors and reimbursement will be made only to BU authors for their share.
  2. Publication Fee up to maximum of USD 2,000/- (or equivalent) will be reimbursed.
  3. Publication fee will be reimbursed after the publication of research paper in the research journal.


  • Completely filled revised Application Form (Form No. BUORIC-F04) by the FMs/Researchers for the Payment of Publication Fee shall be forwarded by the respective Director / Principal Campuses / Institutes / Colleges to the Directorate of Quality Assurance for initial scrutiny and verification which will be processed further for the approval of the Competent Authority through ORIC.
  • In case of multiple authors from BU, only one faculty member can apply for the publication fee (who has submitted the publication fee) to the publisher with prior consent of Co-Authors from BU. NOC/Undertaking from Co-Authors is requested in prescribed Application Form for Publication Fee (Form No. BUORIC-F04). Co – Authors from outside BU are not eligible to apply for reimbursement of Publication Fee.