Category: February 12, 2019

Pakistan & China have placed considerable importance on the maintenance of an extremely close and supportive relationship. Gwadar Port and CPEC has changed the situation as China has carved an enormous plan for economic growth and development in Pakistan.

In order to optimally utilize the opportunities available under Pak-China relationship with special focus on CPEC, Bahria University has established Pak-China Study & Research Center (PCSRC).

The PCSRC will function in light of the following objectives:

a)To enhance innovative interdisciplinary research/projects and education under different thematic areas in collaboration with Chinese counterparts.

b) To create liaison between scholars, researchers, students and practitioners from various fields of study such as economics, politics, management, maritime, international relations, environment, technology, socio-cultural aspects etc.

c) To enhance Pakistan’s understandings of China in the global context

d) To identify opportunities in context of the development of CPEC such as opportunities associated with establishment of special economic zones etc.

e) To produce research-based literature on the importance of CPEC as a viable economic activity between Pakistan and China and converting the same into Applied Research leading to commercialization.

f) To propose policy recommendations for the leadership to help take appropriate decisions.

g) To develop business case studies for CPEC related endeavors and other projects involving Chinese counterparts.

h) Enhance academic activities including exchange program, summer/winter school, research visits with Chinese universities and research organizations.

Director ORIC in addition to his own duties will assumes the additional charge of Director PCSRC.