Establishment of Geophysical Lab

Establishment of State of the Art Geophysical Lab at Bahria University Karachi Campus
In due realization, Bahria University Karachi Campus (BUKC) took an initiative and played a leading role in establishing the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences (E&ES) in 2008, and starting BS Degree program in Geophysics. After initial footing, the Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) provided jubilant patronage to BUKC by creating PPL Chair at the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences. The chair was activated in May, 2012, which provided great encouragement, confidence and impetus to the department. Under new academic strategy the internal learning-teaching environments were improved, and essential measures were implemented to uplift the standards of teaching and research in Geophysics. Further, the program of MS in Geophysics was started in 2012 and preparations for the commencement of PhD degree program triggered. Since the department was missing necessary lab facilities for undergrad and postgrad Geophysical programs, a proposal for developing Digital Geophysical Data Lab equipped with high-end hard and software facilities was submitted to PPL by Prof. Dr. Mubarik Ali (HOD, E&ES Department, BUKC and Head, PPL Chair). Similarly, LMKR Islamabad, and dGB Netherlands were approached for the support. The proposal got due attention and tangible outcome of the request is the generous support of PPL (Rs. 15 million) for establishing the Digital Geophysical Data Lab, LMKR (5 licenses of industrial software Geographix), and dGB Netherlands (12 licenses of industrial software Open Tact). The Digital Geophysical Data Labs (DGDL), the state-of-the-art, have been created at E&ES Department, BUKC, inaugurated by Syed Wamiq Bokhari, Managing Director and CEO, Pakistan Petroleum Limited on 13th May, 2015. This is unique facility of this level in the academic sphere of the country.

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