Zaeem Hassan Mehmood
Category: PROFILES November 11, 2019

Zaeem Hassan Mehmood

Research Assistant/Associate Editor Maritime Watch

Mr. Zaeem Hassan Mehmood is serving as Research Assistant at National Centre for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR). He is a graduate of the prestigious National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad in International Relation (Masters of Science), having a dissertation on “Revisiting the Saudi-Iranian Rivalry: Drawing Lessons and Conclusions from the Cold War”. He is currently pursuing Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) in Strategic Studies from NDU, with a working thesis on “Maritime Diplomacy in the Indian Ocean: Strategic Implications for Pakistan”.  Mr. Zaeem has given several guest lectures at National Defence University on the Maritime Security Dynamics in the Indian Ocean. He was part of the Faculty Development Workshop held at Faculty of Contemporary Studies, NDU. He has been awarded Outstanding Performance in World History and English General. He regularly contributes for reputed international and national policy institutes in the form of opinion and journal articles on security and strategy. He has keen interest in global political economy and modern world history. As the NCMPR Desk Officer, he oversees developments in maritime policy/strategy from a non-traditional security perspective, involving illegal activities at sea. He also overlooks national trade statistics and is an Associate Editor for Maritime Watch –Monthly News Digest of Pakistan. Additionally, Mr. Zaeem also serves as a reviewer for Sustainability Journal Collection, Common Ground Research Networks based in University of Illinois, USA and is also the Guest Editor for the Special Issue on Security Threats and Challenges of Modern World of the Humanities and Social Sciences Journal, New York, USA.

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