World Fisheries Day 2021
Category: News & Events November 17, 2021

World Fisheries Day 2021


History of World Fisheries Day

A forum for the World Fisheries consortium was established as early as 1997. This forum was famously called WFF (World Fisheries Forum). Under this forum, many participants from all over the world took part actively. As many as 18 countries signed a global consensus document for the standardization of sustainable fishery practices.


This further led to the introduction of developmental practices and policy guidelines which would make fishing a sustainable means of trade and commerce. Some of the common grounds of operations underlining the WFF are creating robust opportunities for the fishing communities, enduring fisheries as a trade, social responsibility and moral grounds of justice, preserving the ancient history of the fishermen and the harvesting communities, consolidation of fishers etc.

 Theme and Introduction

World Fisheries Day 2021 is celebrated every year on November 21. The celebrations emphasize on the fishing industry’s sustainability factors. The day marks an observance of the neglected community and highlights their contribution towards national development and maritime economy. The day focuses on the challenges faced by the fisheries sector like maintaining the balance in the ecosystem and resource extraction and analyzing the performance metrics to see how they can cope with emerging trends. Pakistan being a maritime country has various components of the maritime sector that contribute to the economy and that are imperative for future growth. Fisheries is one such sector where traditional fishermen need to be trained for the prosperity of the industry.


In this regard, the National Institute of Maritime Affairs is planning to organize a seminar cum webinar on 18th of November 2021, to particularly understand the role of fisheries in the development of the national economy. In Pakistan, the true potential of Fishery has not been realized and there is a huge gap between the present situation and the true potential. The role of fishermen being the principal representative of the coastal community is significant and there is a need to empower this is for the better future. If this sector is strategized, regularized and managed properly in the right direction can play a significant role in nation-building.


In this regard, the seminar cum webinar will explore and deliberate the current state of the affairs, discuss the need for sustainable fishery practices, challenges for the environment and biodiversity and its contribution in the National economy.


Proposed Theme

“Sustainable fisheries and its impact on the fishing community and the national development”


Proposed Activities

  • Standard Webinar
  • A small documentary to be played on fisheries followed by discussion
  • Recorded messages from Professionals, students
  • Social Media Campaign-
  1. Awareness about Biodiversity
  2. Important Facts about Fisheries and Fishermen