World Fisheries Day
Category: Past Events November 10, 2015

World Fisheries Day Celebration

World Fisheries day is celebrated every year on November 21 throughout the world by the fisher folk communities. It helps in highlighting the critical importance to human lives, of water and the lives it sustains, both in and out of water.

The celebrations serve as an important reminder that we must focus on changing the way the world manages global fisheries to ensure sustainable stocks and healthy oceans ecosystems.

National Centre for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR) is joining Fishery and Seafood Sector around the globe in yearly observance of the World Fisheries Day. In this regard the Centre has planned to organize a one day seminar on the topic, “Challenges and Opportunities in Maintenance of Sustainable Fisheries in Pakistan” on 21 November 2015 at Bahria University Karachi Campus.

Eminent Scholars will highlight the troughs and crusts of fishing industry in Pakistan by presenting research papers in seminars. Thought provoking debates shall attempt to solve the existing problems.

NCMPR aims to create awareness and bring issues on surface regarding fisheries and forward recommendations to the concerned authorizes for formulation of new or amendments of existing policies.