Message of Director General
Category: News & Events June 10, 2020

Message of Director General NIMA

On the Occasion of World Oceans Day 2020

Our oceans are both; the source and the sustainer of all form of life on Planet Earth. As humans, we have an essential relationship with the oceans. They not only provide us, food, means for travel and trade but; are also the most popular destinations for recreation. Hence, oceans are imperative to keep the world livable. Estimated, 94 percent of life on earth is aquatic. That makes us land-dwellers a very small minority. No matter where we’re from or where we live, we all are bounded together with one ocean.


This calls for the recognition of immense economic, strategic and environmental value of the oceans. Therefore, designation of 8th June, as the day to celebrate oceans by United Nations in 2008, has been an effort of global community to the pay a tribute to world oceans as cardinal of life. The day is also attributed to sensitize people about the need for protecting the oceans and reduce the impact of human activities.


By raising awareness through the platform of National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) on Oceans, we also wish to encourage individuals to reconsider their consumption patterns, reduce use of plastics in daily life and adopt a simple life style to support healthy oceans. Let’s pledge today to strive harder for making our oceans pollution free and sustainable. NIMA wants support of people from all walks of life to actively work together and drive a positive change. I wish you all Happy Oceans Day 2020.

Vice Admiral (Retd) Abdul Aleem HI(M)