Kashmir Issue – Revocation of Article 35a and 370 of Indian Constitution; Options for Pakistan vis-à-vis Rising Hindutva in India
Category: Past Events February 4, 2020
“Kashmir Issue – Revocation of Article 35a and 370 of Indian Constitution; Options for Pakistan vis-à-vis Rising Hindutva in India”

organized by

National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA), Karachi

Concept Note

India’s occupation of Kashmir has brought the South Asian Region to the brink of a crisis since the Indian presidential decree revoked Article 35a and 370 of Indian Constitution. Indian move to revoke the special status of Indian-occupied Kashmir (IOK) not only brings to question legality of the action in the light of international law, but it has also heightened the tensions between the two nuclear-armed neighbors Pakistan and India. It is ironic that the world’s largest democracy, in defilement of all norms of civilized nations is usurping the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people. Use of anti-Pakistani rhetoric to rally the masses attention and popularity by Bharta Janta Party (BJP) has strengthened the forces of jingoism and religious extremism. India seems to have embraced the strategies of Chanakya and Kautilya; the approach of using power and extreme radicalization to meet its ends.

This societal trend towards a narrow, extreme and hate-filled radical Hindu ideology would exacerbate existing fault lines within India and cautions that this would lead to increased violence and hatred against all other religious minorities, especially Muslims. The impact of the Hindutva phenomenon would be far-reaching within the region and internationally.

It is believed that, that real dynamics of the Kashmir issue and Indian extremism, which has been going on for so long can only be addressed through strategic policy proposals and it needs significant projection on national and international forums through aggressive diplomacy. In this backdrop, this seminar will not only bring necessary awareness on various aspects of the topic, but also aimed to identify and explore the entailing policy options, Pakistan should adapt to address the situation.


Topic: Kashmir Issue – Article 35a and 370 of Indian Constitution;

Options for Pakistan vis Rising Hindutva in India


 Dated 27th February 2020

organized by

National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA)

At Al-Beruni Auditorium, Bahria University Karachi Campus


Time Activity
0845-0915 Registration
0920 Guests to be seated
0925 Chief Guest Session-I, arrives
0930-0940 National Anthem & Recitation from the Holy Quran
0940-0950 Welcome Address and Introductory Remarks by Vice Admiral Abdul Aleem HI(M), Director General National Institute of Maritime Affairs
0950-1010 Paper-1: Historical Background of Hindutva in India, its Linkages with Kashmir Crisis and Impact on the Region.by Group Captain (Retd) Sultan M Hali
1015-1035 Paper-2: India’s Crackdown in Kashmir: A Human Right Perspectiveby Dr. Shireen Mazari, Federal Minister for Human Rights
1035-1055 Paper – 3: Need of Effective Diplomatic & Media Campaigns to Mobilize International Community.by Syed Mushahid Hussain, Former Federal Minister
1055-1115 Combined question and answer Session-I
1115-1125 Address by the Chief Guest
1125-1130 Presentation of Souvenirs  and Group Photograph
1130-1155 Refreshments
1200 Session resume – Guests to be seated
1210 Chief Guest Session-II, arrives
1215-1235 Paper- 4: Projection of Kashmir Issue in Contemporary International Political Scenario” by Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, Former Pakistan’s Representative to UN
1235-1255 Paper – 5: Present Situation of Kashmir Crisis; Policy Options for Pakistanby General (Retd) Ehsan ul Haq NI(M), Former Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee
1300-1325 Combined question and answer Session
1325 – 1335 Address by the Chief Guest
1335-1340 Souvenirs Presentation Ceremony and Group Photograph
1345-1400 Prayer Break
1400 Lunch
OC Dispersal at Convenience