Dr. James A. Boutilier
Category: PROFILES September 5, 2019

Dr. James A. Boutilier

Special Advisor (Policy)

Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarter


Dr. James Boutilier is the Special Advisor (Policy) at Canada’s Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters in Esquimalt, British Columbia. He is responsible for advising the Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific on matters of defence and foreign policy and maritime security in the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to his appointment at MARPAC, Dr. Boutilier spent 24 years on staff at the Royal Roads Military College in Victoria as Head of the History Department and then as Dean of Arts. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Pacific and Asian Studies at the University of Victoria and the President of the Maritime Awards Society of Canada. Dr. Boutilier was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and attended Dalhousie University (BA History: 1960), McMaster University (MA History: 1962), and the University of London (PhD History: 1969). Dr. Boutilier’s field of expertise is Asia-Pacific defence and security, particularly with regards to maritime issues. He has published widely on international defence and security issues, including Royal Canadian Navy in Retrospect (1982), and articles in professional monographs as well as the Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter and Canadian Institute of International Affairs Journals.