DG’s Message

National Centre for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR) had been set up at the Bahria University, Karachi Campus with a view to encourage research in maritime matters. NCMPR has accordingly developed linkages with various international universities and maritime research institutes. It has also hosted a number of international seminars, conferences and workshops, high-lighting various aspects of the maritime domain.

NCMPR is fully cognizant of the complexity of its undertaking. Pakistan can be termed as a maritime nation in the context of its potential, though much less so in terms of its orientation and aspirations. NCMPR’s foremost responsibility is to generate awareness of the maritime domain and draw attention to the immense possibilities that exist in the maritime field. It encourages all stakeholders and marine resource users to interact with each other in a wholesome manner that is not only purposeful and stimulating, but also leads to preservation of our marine biodiversity and sustainability of our resources.

While the Centre is doing its bit in generating maritime awareness and furthering the cause of maritime studies and research, it expects that its graduates will act as torch bearers, illuminating a less traveled path.