NCMPR organized the 6th International Maritime Conference (IMC) at Marriott Hotel for 3 days, 14-16 February 2015 on the topic “Maritime Economy, Environment, and Security Co-operation: Bringing the West Pacific and the Indian Ocean Closer”.The Federal Minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif inaugurated the Conference.  Apart from national speakers, international scholars from Australia, Canada, China, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, USA and UN’s FAO department   attended the event. There were total 18 speakers.  General Rashad Mahmood NI (M), Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee was the chief guest for the closing session.


The 5th International Maritime Conference (IMC 2013) on the topic “Regional Maritime Security Dynamics, Imperatives and Inter-Dependencies” was organized concurrently with the 4th Biennial International Maritime Exercise “AMAN 2013”. Turkish Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Bilgel graced the occasion as Chief Guest on closing day. The 3-day event held from 5-7 March 2013 was well attended by foreign and local dignitaries, personnel from defence forces, maritime stakeholders, rep of ministries, researchers and many others. The chief guest (CNS) distributed prizes among the students who won the essay and poster competition held along with the conference. The students were commended by the Chief Guest, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral M Asif Sandila NI (M) and Director General NCMPR Vice Admiral Asaf Humayun for their creativity and hard work.


The 4th International Maritime Conference (IMC 2011) was held at NCMPR, Karachi from 08 to 09 March 2011.  The conference was scheduled during the harbour activity phase of the multinational naval exercise AMAN 2011. The topic of the conference was “Maritime Security Management-Contemporary Challenges and need for global cooperation”. Apart from four local speakers, the conference’s proceedings were enlivened by the presence of notable international scholars from countries like Canada, China, UK and USA.  CNS was the chief guest at the closing session.


The Centre organized its 3rd International Maritime Conference (IMC 2009) from 5-7 March 2009 at its Campus in Karachi.  The topic for this conference was “Traditional and Non-traditional Threats, Force Posture and Extra Regional Interests; Implication for the Arabian Sea and the Gulf Littorals” and it was organized in tandem with the prestigious 2nd Biennial International Maritime Colloquium ‘AMAN09’ hosted by Pakistan Navy.  This conference was a significant international event and hosted 500 analysts and delegates from across the globe.  There were 25 different presentations from speakers and scholars of international repute hailing from various continents and regions presenting diverse viewpoints on the topics of maritime security, economy & environment.  Minister of Defence of Pakistan graced the occasion as Chief Guest.


The second International Maritime Conference (IMC 2008) was organized from 25 to 27 March 2008, on the topic of “Sustainable economic exploitation of ocean resource: Technological & educational needs and solutions” with theme in continuum of the first conference. This conference also focused on economy, security and environment in the maritime domain with view to delineate technological and educational needs and offer innovative solutions for sustainable exploitation of ocean resources. Dr. David Griffiths from Dalhousie University Canada, Dr. Cherdsak Virapat from Thailand, Dr. James Boutilier Asia Pacific Policy Advisor to Maritime Forces Canada, Harro Kucharzweski from Germany and Mr. Richard Grastang, IUCN Advisor presented their paper, amongst others, at the conference.


An International Maritime Conference and Workshop (IMCW07) were convened at the Centre from of 6 to 7 September 2007. This conference addressed the “Non-state actors threat to maritime economy, environment and security” and comprised of series of presentations from key agencies including case studies by representatives from the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and UK Maritime and Military Intervention Cell (MAMIC) followed by discussions focused on the topic. Admiral Sir Jonathan Band First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, UK graced the event as Chief Guest. The hallmark of this conference was the talk by famous maritime scholar Prof Geoffrey Till. The Workshop engaged representatives from various stakeholders / agencies in simulated real time threat scenarios to develop a policy proposal for a coordinated response to threats identified during conference. This conference and workshop paved the way for new strategies for collaboration against non-state actors’ threat.


The Centre organized the first ever International Maritime Conference (IMC 2007) in Pakistan on “Maritime Threats and Opportunities in the 21st Century” from 4 to 6 March 2007. This conference was attended by renowned national & international scholars and public & private stakeholders.  The, then, Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shoukat Aziz and Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad Governor Sindh graced the occasion as Chief Guest.  Vice Admiral (R) Jacques  Mazore (French Navy), Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti (Royal Navy) and Admiral John F Siegler spoke at the conference.