Category: Past Events October 2, 2017



            World Maritime Day is observed every year to celebrate the international maritime industry’s contribution towards the world’s economy, especially in shipping.  International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has adopted ‘Connecting, Ships, Ports and People’ as the theme this year.


The theme of WMD-17 is aimed at strengthening the existing cooperation between ports and ships for safe, secure and efficient maritime trade and transportation linking economies and people globally. It also urges the maritime nations to develop synergy and a well coordinated approach to enhance navigational safety and protection of marine environment. Improving cooperation between port authorities and shipping industry through close partnership will be helpful in standardizing port procedures through identifying and developing best practices.


Despite the fact that Pakistan is blessed with a long coastline and abundance of marine resources, the country’s realization of this vast potential has been far from satisfactory. With the onset of CPEC, maritime activities in Pakistan will increase manifold. This cooperation between ports and shipping industry would therefore become even more important for systematic development of our maritime sector. The foremost need therefore, is to recognize this important inspect of economy and create appropriate opportunities for capacity building of our people, especially younger generation and the maritime infrastructure to accrue long termbenefits from our maritime potential.


Pakistan Navy is cognizant of the need for futuristic growth of maritime sector in Pakistan and it leading the way in raising maritime awareness which is a fundamental imperative. This is primarily being achieved through the establishment of think tanks and research centers such as Institute of Maritime Affairs at Islamabad and National Centre for Maritime Policy Research at Karachi to undertake research in relevant disciplines in the maritime domain.


This day calls for us to revitalize our efforts towards development and growth of the maritime sector in Pakistan. I look forward to a profound and cumulative response by all stakeholder towards promoting maritime awareness and achieving sustainable development of Pakistan’s, essentially maritime reliant economy.