Muhammad Sajid Iqbal
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Published on: September 1, 2021

Muhammad Sajid Iqbal

BCS Hons.

Habib Bank AG Zurich – UAE as Deputy CRO (Chief Risk Officer) 2nd Vice President


I started my career in 1999, well before graduating from Bahria University (at that time it was Bahria Institute (BIMCS) in affiliation with Peshawar University. We were among the pioneer students of Bahria in that sense. After completing my graduation, I have been into multiple Jobs at the same time. I was teaching Computer science subjects and computer programming at Beacon House and APIIT institute as a visiting faculty and also at the same time I was working in a software house handling few projects for retail clients. Gradually I became a very well-known corporate trainer in affiliation with Beacon house informatics. I have conducted computer skill training for 450 employees of PSO, that was quite some experience for me. Along with that I was also conducting training for EFU, HBL and other known organizations. I was also taking programming classes for Australian University students in Beacon House Informatics as visiting faculty. I have been with Microsoft for their training program for PITE Quetta (Pakistan Institute of Teacher Education), However shortly after, I have Joined UBL bank in 2005 because of my extraordinary programming skills. And that was the start of my banking career. After UBL I have never looked back and continuously achieved many milestones in my banking career. My IT education along with my Business understanding has provided me with a unique edge. After UBL success I was hired by Barclays bank PLC in Pakistan when they were in the launching phase in 2008. Barclays was a life turning movement for me in the banking industry. I have gained lots of experience and knowledge during my tenure with Barclays and because of that in 2010 I have been hired by RBS bank in UAE for their Treasury Operations department. Within 2 years I have been hired by Habib bank AG Zurich UAE as head of Treasury and Wealth Management Operations. In 2018, Habib bank AG Zurich recognized my talent and appointed me as Head of Market Risk and also Deputy CRO of the bank.

Alongside my career progressions. I have been attending many banking and investment conferences as a guest speaker.  In 2016 I was invited as guest speaker in the Private Banking conference in UAE and in 2019 I was invited as guest speaker and chairperson in IRRBB conference in Singapore.