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Published on: September 1, 2021

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Sajjad currently serves as the Vice President of Business Development at Amazon’s Twitch business in EMEA where he is helping shape the future of live interactive TV through strategic partnerships. Born and raised in Pakistan, his first experience at age 15 with an x86 kindled his interest in games and interactive entertainment which led him to enroll in the BCE program at Bahria University Islamabad in 2004. After the completion of his undergraduate degree at Bahria, his growing passion for games and technology eventually led Sajjad to attend Stanford for an MS in engineering as a Fulbright Scholar and later graduate from Cambridge University with an MBA. Prior to Twitch, Sajjad helped shape the growth and exit for Jagex, one of the most successful games developers to have come out of the UK and the home of the award winning MMO game called Runescape that has had over 250M players in its lifetime. Over his 12 year career he has built a resume spanning live video streaming, games, telecoms, SoC and financial technology across Europe, North America and Asia in roles ranging from product management to corporate strategy and M&A.