Mr. Saad Rasul
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Published on: September 1, 2021

Mr. Saad Rasul

MBA 2007-2009


Currently, I am working as Services Consultant at MYOB Australia in Melbourne. In my time at Bahria, I knew that having an understanding of how communication and management skills are, and will continue to change the future of work would be the most valuable thing in my career. I had the opportunity to interact with and learn from many extremely brilliant and well-respected professors. My craving and desire to upskill and further improve myself has helped me to go through development of technology and digital innovation. My success story is from doing Presentation at MBA Class in Bahria to doing change management and consulting for Big Corporates in Australia and Newzealand.  Thanks to the tremendous help from my professors, my time at Bahria was full of fun, challenges and rewards.