Mr. Majid Aziz
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Published on: September 1, 2021

Mr. Majid Aziz

MBA 2006

Innovator & Founder- ZapBuddy (Social Media App)


Bahria University has had a proud alumni network across various disciplines and fields with graduates who excel through challenging the norms. Majid Aziz is a noticeable disciple of our university who has proven one person can make a difference.

After graduating from the university, he has had an illustrious career starting from Tobacco and then to Telecoms. He has excelled in his career through working across various fields related to Business Intelligence, Customer Management and Digital.

His recent accomplishment however has been the most interesting where he has successfully patented and launched a chat app- ZapBuddy. The startup has had privacy as its key focus area and today the vision is showing its potential as the world has come to know regarding the privacy issues of the existing apps. He has dreamed big and already the coverage across various media outlets is indicative of his success. He has masterfully integrated Augmented Reality, Maps and chat into a new unique package that shows that our Alumni not only dream big, but also have the courage to take steps to bring those dreams into reality. We wish him all the best and hope he brings more success and pride to our Alumni Network.