Miss. Tahira Komal
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Published on: September 1, 2021

Miss. Tahira Komal

BBA (1997-1999)

Portfolio’s Regional Marketing Executive for Middle East North Africa & Turkey (MENAT)

General Electric (GE) UAE


Tahira is GE Power Portfolio’s Regional Marketing Executive for Middle East North Africa & Turkey (MENAT).  She is passionate about all things marketing, with 18+ years of experience developing, and directing strategic marketing solutions across diverse industries (Power, Healthcare, Technology Licensing, Manufacturing, Digital and Media) in global corporations and startups.

Tahira is a member of the Inclusion & Diversity Council at GE, committed to building a more diverse and inclusive workplace by focusing on transparency, accountability, and community. She especially concentrates on women’s professional growth and representation.

After graduating from Bahria University with a BBA, she earned an MBA from Quaid-i-Azam University, followed by another MBA from The State University of New York in Buffalo in marketing & management consulting. Tahira and her family relocated to the Middle East five years ago, after 14 years of living in the US. She has been recognized for team leadership, business growth and bringing a global strategic perspective in all her dealings and is a two-time recipient of the coveted GE’s Values Excellence Awards. She has done this while raising three boys and successfully balancing a two-career household. Her greatest achievement though has been her efforts to break the glass ceiling not just for women in an engineering company but also as a woman of color to “make it” in Corporate America.