Lt Cdr Dr Malik Mamoon Munir PN
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Published on: September 1, 2021

Lt Cdr Dr Malik Mamoon Munir PN

PHD 2017

Training Coordination Officer (TCO)

Pakistan Navy School of Logistics (PNSL) Karachi



This is not just a success story rather a “Dream Come True”. While working with an International US based organization, I decided to pursue my PhD for enhancing my knowledge and to understand the contemporary trends in the field of Management Sciences. No other University other than Bahria was offering the smart combination of core subjects during the course work and a planned research roadmap under the supervision of international qualified PhDs. Besides attaining professional skills and improving my core competency of research, I was able to develop a confidence to write valuable research in the form of research articles published in internationally recognized journals. The teaching methodology, academic facilities, research tools, and guidance from the supervisors helped me to achieve this degree milestone in a reasonable time frame. Today, my degree from Bahria is offering me opportunities at local as well as international level which eventually evidens my historic decision to select Bahria for my PhD degree.  I am currently serving in Pakistan Navy “Education Branch ” as Lieutenant Commander and my selection on this rank was keenly due to my PhD degree from Bahria University. Satisfied and excited to move from a private sector to a better permanent and secure position in one of the esteemed organizations of Pakistan. Alhamdulilalh!