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Published on: May 31, 2023



وجودِ زن سے ہے تصویرِ کائنات میں رنگ

اسی کے ساز سے ہے زندگی کا سوزِ درُوں

Self-development of women is as important for a nation as of men.  In their cradle lies the future and fate of a Nation. The contemporary prevalent models of self-development are mostly Western secular that neither relate to Islam nor to Pakistani culture. Iqbal’s model is derived from Quran and is holistic, covering both the individual and community.


And her compassion is the prophet’s own,

For mothers shape the way that men shall go;


In the era of feminism and postmodernism, there is a need to revive our own philosophy of women’s empowerment and role in society that is based on our religion and culture. As such Iqbal, with his philosophy of Khudi, rightly serves as a beacon of light.


Lost Chapter is a program based on the theme of Iqbal’s concept of Self-development designed exclusively for females. This one-hour program is conducted and managed by the girl students of Team Shaheen e Iqbal.


Frequency and Duration: Wednesdays 10 to 11 AM

Venue: Edhi Hall (LT 2)

Register here:  https://forms.gle/LBzc4reQxsHH8pCRA