Iqbal Chair is Organizing: اقبال کا فارسی کلام
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Published on: September 3, 2021

Out of Iqbal’s 12000 Verses, 7000 are in Persian Language. Iqbal’s Persian Poetry has deeper expressions as compared to his Urdu verses. Professor Dr. Masood Qureshi, a retired professor of agriculture has devoted to effectively translate Iqbal’s Persian works and in the last twenty years and has achieved the objective to translate Iqbal’s wholePersian kalam into Urdu; no mean feat by itself.

Prof Dr. Qureshi has also authored a number on Books on Explanation of Qur’an and Iqbal’s poetry.

Fikr e Iqbal, Iqbal Chair and BUTV availed the opportunity to record the session at Prof Dr. Masood Qureshi’s residence, which is presented to our valued audience.

Title of the Seminar        اقبال کا فارسی کلام

Presenter: Professor Dr. Masood Qureshi

Mode: Online Program 


Time and Date: 11 AM to 11:40 AM, Saturday 4 September 2021