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The scope of Professional Psychology has also enhanced and it is being recognized by different Government and Private Institutions. The Professional Psychologists trained in Clinical Psychology are being appointed in the Hospitals and Clinics. With the advent of Educational and Organizational psychology the Armed Forces, Educational institutions, organizations and industries in the country will benefit. The Institute is further planning to collaborate with the Industrial and Educational Sectors to provide in house psychological services by establishing counseling and vocational guidance centers.

The professional degree programs at Post Graduate levels offer specialization in Clinical Psychology; Educational Psychology and Organizational Psychology.

Clinical Psychology

The Clinical Psychologists go through vigorous trainings in administering psychological tests, interpreting the results and diagnosing patients. This training includes writing reports and learning how to evaluate reports and referrals. They are further trained for conducting therapeutic sessions using the various theories of Psychotherapy (like Psychoanalytic, Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic etc) focusing on techniques and styles specially designed for the treatment of specific disorders. The students practice through role playings, behavioral rehearsals, modeling and content analysis of their sessions. They are provided with expert supervision by practicing psychologists and Professors with years of clinical and supervisory experience.

Educational Psychology

The Educational Psychologists specialize in dealing with educational issues such as curriculum planning and revision; Learning Disabilities; teaching styles and problems related to classrooms; behavioral issues with children and improvising effective learning skills with psychological techniques in class rooms. They focus on training teachers and parents about the behavior and development of children / adolescents and in learning how to understand and supporting them in better ways. They are specialists in play therapy and filial therapy along with counselling skills and are often known as School Psychologists; College / University or Campus Counselors. They shall be employed in schools, colleges and universities of Pakistan.

Organizational Psychology

The professional psychologists trained in organizational psychology shall be employed in organizations for personnel selection, recruitment, understanding and resolving the conflict between Management and Employees; preparing Performance appraisals and conducting Job Analysis. They are trained in providing counselling facilities and trainings to personnel and management. Organizational Psychologists are also referred to as Industrial and Organizational Psychologists; Occupational Psychologists / Counselors; Business Psychologists or Work Psychologists backed up by their respective organizations and societies.