Dean & Director’s Message

Prof. Dr. Zainab Hussain Bhutto

The Institute of Professional Psychology has been established in response to dire need for mental health professionals and acute dearth of professional services in Pakistan. Our mission is to provide excellent education for career in Psychology through integration of theory and professional practice.

We strive to provide our students with every possible resource for academic success. The programs offered at graduate and post graduate levels are tailored to meet the latest curriculum requirements in the field of psychology; with specializations in domains of Clinical, Educational and Organizational psychology. We not only educate people through the degree programs, but also with various workshops and training sessions that cater diverse topics. It works as an attempt to give our masses the flavor of psychology.

Our dedicated faculty members are not only scholars but practicing psychologist with years of hands-on experience. If you are seeking a program where scholars are encouraged to explore the boundaries of psychology’s potential, you will find it at the Institute of Professional Psychology.