Final Merit List MS & MPHIL
Category: Past Events December 31, 2018
Congratulations to all selected candidates and we warmly welcome you  to be part of IPP Bahria team.
Important Instructions for Candidates
1.      Download your fee challan from Bahria University Online Admission  Portal ( deposit the fee by the due date. In case of any difficulty contact Admissions office.
2.      Fee can be deposited in any of the Bank Al Falah or Allied Bank Branches.
3.      After submission of Fee, collect your Admission Letter from Admission Office.
4.      Students offered advance merit scholarship contact  Admission Office for further details.
5.      Admissions will remain provisional till submission of original documents of Bachelors/Equivalent or Final Year/Semester results meeting eligibility criteria within 4 weeks of commencement of classes.
Last Date of Fee Submission is 11 January 2019 
369AMNA KHANBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Advance Merit
406HAANIA HUSEINBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)High Academic Acheivers#VALUE!
318AMNA NAVED SIDDIQUIBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)High Academic Acheivers#VALUE!
559TOOBA NADEEMBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)High Academic Acheivers#VALUE!
376GHANIA YAMINBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
540TANZEELA SAMOBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
140FATIMA AHMEDBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)-#VALUE!
506NAILA ALIBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
236SUMBUL AZAMBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)-#VALUE!
111AASMA ADNANBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)-#VALUE!
368SAMIA TARIQUEBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)-#VALUE!
227MIDHAT FATIMABachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
126SYEDA FARHAT UL AINBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)-#VALUE!
304MARIA WARIS NAWAZBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
427HIRA AMJADBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
404NIDA REHMANBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)-#VALUE!
477NEHA PERVAIZBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
450SANA LIAQATBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
408ALIZA ZAFARBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
343NIMRA AHMEDBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
587RIDA NADEEMBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
482ASMA KHANBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)-#VALUE!
49ROHA HASANBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)-#VALUE!
280TAHIRA FATIMABachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)-#VALUE!
272AZKA JALALBachelorsMSMS (Clinical Psy)Admission Fee Waiver#VALUE!
347KOMAL LAGHARIBachelorsMPHILClinical PsychologyAdvance Merit
237MARIYA RAZABachelorsMPHILClinical PsychologyHigh Academic Acheivers
349MAHEEN ADNANBachelorsMPHILClinical PsychologyHigh Academic Acheivers
548QURATULAINBachelorsMPHILOrganizational PsychologyHigh Academic Acheivers
234ZAFRANMastersMPHILClinical Psychology-
322AURANGZEB JAHANGIRBachelorsMPHILOrganizational Psychology-
390PAKEEZA ARIFBachelorsMPHILClinical Psychology-
359RAISA AYUBIBachelorsMPHILOrganizational PsychologyAdmisison Fee Waiver
260LUBAAB ALNOORBachelorsMPHILOrganizational Psychology-
197ARUBAH MALIKBachelorsMPHILClinical PsychologyAdmisison Fee Waiver
154SHEHRYAR AHMADBachelorsMPHILOrganizational PsychologyAdmisison Fee Waiver
360AROOBA MUSHTAQBachelorsMPHILOrganizational PsychologyAdmisison Fee Waiver
352SANILA NOORBachelorsMPHILOrganizational Psychology-
581AYESHA AROOJBachelorsMPHILClinical Psychology-
382MAHNOOR JAMSHEDBachelorsMPHILClinical PsychologyAdmisison Fee Waiver
309AYESHASAMIBachelorsMPHILClinical Psychology-
35AFSHAN AHMEDMastersMPHILClinical Psychology-
378MEHWISH RAFIQUEBachelorsMPHILClinical Psychology-
22MUHAMMAD USMANBachelorsMPHILOrganizational PsychologyAdmisison Fee Waiver
475ASMA KHANBachelorsMPHILOrganizational Psychology-
365SANA NASEEMBachelorsMPHILClinical PsychologyAdmisison Fee Waiver
586AYESHA ZUBERIBachelorsMPHILOrganizational PsychologyAdmisison Fee Waiver
483SHAHROSE AHMEDMastersMPHILClinical Psychology-
584UMME SUMAIYYA SIDDIQUIMastersMPHILClinical Psychology-
551ARSALAN SHAHARYARBachelorsMPHILOrganizational Psychology-
328AISHA QASIMBachelorsMPHILClinical Psychology-
342SABAHAT SATTARBachelorsMPHILOrganizational Psychology-