Support for Students with Disabilities

BU Commitment to the Rights of Students with Disabilities/Special Needs

  1. Bahria University is committed to the objective that no one should be denied access to higher education, which includes ensuring that people with disabilities have equal opportunities to access and attain higher education.
  2. Bahria University has designed dedicated policy guidelines aim at creating an enabling environment for inclusive education at all Constituent and Affiliated Units (Campuses) of Bahria University and shall facilitate the participation of students with disabilities in all academic and extra-curricular aspects.
  3. These guidelines shall recognize that disability covers a wide range of impairments and different disabilities can have varying impacts on study, work, and other aspects of life.
  4. These guidelines affirm that persons with disabilities are valuable members of our society, and it is the obligation of all those involved in academic and administrative
    functions at Bahria University to undertake all reasonable actions to enable persons with disabilities to avail the opportunities for higher education available to other students.
  5. Bahria University stands committed to facilitate in academic and career pursuits of persons with disabilities and provide students with disabilities/special needs with equal educational opportunities.


Framework for Support for Students with Disabilities/Special Needs

Bahria University has multiple campuses, Each Campus shall have a designated Disability Coordinator to facilitate students. Students are advised to reach out to their respective Disability Coordinator to avail the following:

  1. Facilitation in admissions, examinations, dissertations, other academic affairs and extra-curricular activities
  2. Information & advice to students and parents on the facilities and support available at the campus for students with special needs

Students are free to convey their requirements, complaints (if any) and will be given suitable options that would best satisfy their unique needs.

Disclosure & Confidentiality

If a student has a disability, specific – learning difficulties and or long-term health condition, it is important that students select the option for ‘’disability’’ during admissions The information shall be used to endorse the case of a student requesting any reasonable adjustments/accommodations. Information provided shall be kept confidential.

Disability Coordinators

Contact Details are provided below for the respective Disability Coordinator for every campus



Sundal Mufti

Director Student Affairs (BUHO)


Phone: 051 – 92640775  Ext: 1307

Taimur Arif

Officer Student Affairs (BUHO)


Phone: 051 – 92640775  Ext: 1537

Bilal Zaka

Manager SSC (BUIC)


Phone: 051-9264075   Ext: 1473

Noman Ali

Manager SSC (BULC)


Phone: 042-99233409

Shahroz Virani

Manager SSC (BUKC)


Phone: 021-992400026 Ext: 276

Marvi Bhutto

Manager SSC (BUHS– KC/IPP)


Phone: 021-35319491   Ext: 1060

Shah Faisal

Manager SSC (BSEAS /H-11 Campus)


Phone: 051-9259500 Ext: 3303