Proposal: Supply & Installation of LAB Equipment – BUHSCI
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Published on: February 2, 2024




1. Sealed bids are invited for Supply and Installation of Lab Equipment for BUHSCI, from reliable GST registered firms/ Suppliers as per schedule of deliverables, terms & conditions given in the tender document.

LIST OF LAB EQUIPMENT: List of 73 x Lab Equipment / Items is given at Annex A.


Notes/Special Instructions to bidders:

i. The supply firm shall be responsible for supply, delivery and fixing / installation of Lab Equipment at Purchaser’s designated site at BU Health Sciences Campus at Islamabad.

ii. Must provide Authorization of the principal/manufacturer in quoted brand.

iii. Must provide documentary proof for similar nature of projects in private / public medical colleges during last 03 years

iv. Must provide documentary proof for Income Tax Registration and General Sales Tax Registration

v. Must provide one-year standard warranty of entire equipment with additional one year extended warranty.




2. Details of specifications and scope of work is given in the bidding documents, which can be purchased on submission of a written application on firm’s letterhead (with mentioned NTN No) upon payment of Rs 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only), Non Refundable Fee in the shape of Pay Order/ DD in favour of Bahria University Islamabad, from the ‘Office of DD Procurement, Room No. 15, Basement Quaid Block, Bahria University Head Office, Sector E8, Islamabad between 0900 to 1400 hrs except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.




3. Single Stage Two Envelope bidding procedure shall apply as per PPRA Rule 36(b). Technical and Financial Bids must be separately sealed supported by NTN registration/ professional certificates should reach on/ or before 22 February 2024 by 1100 hrs ‘at the Office of DD Procurement’ Bahria University, Room No.15, Head Office, Sector E-8, Islamabad. The bids are to be valid for 90 x days effective from technical opening. Technical bids will be opened at BUHO, Islamabad on the same day at 1130 hours in the presence of the bidders/ their authorized representatives, who may choose to be present. Conditional/ incomplete bids will be considered non-Responsive. 2% bid security of total bid value must be submitted in shape of Pay Order/ Banker’s cheque in favour of “Bahria University Islamabad”. NTN No. of BU is 2132767-0.




4. Pre-bid meeting will be held on 12 February 2024 at 1000 hrs in the office of Director Health Sciences (DHS), Bahria University Head Office, Sector E-8, Islamabad for clarification on technical queries, if any.



5. Date of opening of financial bids will be communicated on telephone/ e-mail to the technically qualified bidders. The commercial bids shall be evaluated on the basis of lowest technically evaluated/ qualified bid for the specific group / item(s).


6. The bidders are requested to give their best and final prices inclusive of all applicable taxes, transportation and installation and Training etc. Bahria University may reject all bids/ proposals at any time prior to the acceptance by invoking Rule 33 of PPRA-2004.


7. For any technical information, please contact Director Health Sciences (DHS) BUHO on Phone No. 051-9260002, Ext 1309 from Monday till Friday between 0930 to 1300 hrs, except holidays.



Annex A to Tender / RFP



S No Description Qty Den Lab
1 Binocular Microscopes 58 No Anatomy: 15
Physiology: 15
Pathology: 15
Foren. Med: 3
Biochemistry: 10
2 Slide projecting microscope 2 No Histology: 1
Pathology: 1
3 Microscope multi head (5 piece) 1 No Pathology
4 Water Bath 1 No Physiology
5 Electric Water bath 2 No Pathology: 1
6 Refrigerator 14 Cubic Feet 4 No Physiology:1
Pathology: 2
7 Water distillation unit (10 liters) 1 No Biochemistry
8 Electronic balance 3 No Biochem:2
9 Kymograph 15 No Physiology:5
10) Mortuary Refrigerator (2-body) 1 No Anatomy
11 Full dissection tables 4 No Anatomy
12 Half dissection tables 12 No Anatomy
13 Torso Models (Male) 2 No Anatomy
14 Torso Models (Female) 2 No Anatomy
15 Cross sectional torso model 1 No Anatomy
16 Upper limbs (muscles, vessels, nerves and joints) anatomical model Out of which at least four should be of full limbs 5 No Anatomy
17 Lower limbs (muscles, vessels, nerves and joints) anatomical model. Out of which at least four should be of full limbs 5 No Anatomy
18 Head and neck (muscles, vessels, nerves and joints) anatomical model 5 No Anatomy
19 Eye models 5 No Anatomy
20 Ear models 5 No Anatomy
21 Nose models 5 No Anatomy
22 Larynx model 1 No Anatomy
23 Pharynx model 1 No Anatomy
24 Brain anatomical model 4 No Anatomy
25 Histology models of each System 1 No Anatomy
26 03 x models of general embryology and 02 x sets of models of development of any system 3+2 No Anatomy
27 Pelvis models (Male) 3 No Anatomy
28 Pelvis models (Female) 3 No Anatomy
29 Abdominal viscera models 4 No Anatomy
30 Liver models 4 No Anatomy
31 Kidney models 4 No Anatomy
32 CVS Models 4 No Anatomy
33 Respiratory system models 4 No Anatomy
34 Human’s loose bones 100 No Anatomy
35 Articulated skeletons 2 No Anatomy
36 Articulated vertebral column 4 No Anatomy
37 Cross sectional body model 1 No Anatomy
38 Audiometer 1 No Physiology
39 Treadmill or Ergometer cycle 1 No Physiology
40 ECG Machine 3 No Physiology
41 Centrifuge Machine 2 No Physiology
42 Hematocrit Reader 5 No Physiology
43 Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge Machine 1 No Physiology
44 Data Acquisition System 2 No Physiology
45 Thermal Cycler 1 No Biochemistry
46 Bench top centrifuge 1 No Biochemistry
47 Microlab 1 No Biochemistry
48 (Minus) 20 C deep freezer 1 No Pathology
49 Incubator 37 c large 3 No Pathology: 2
50 Microtome (Manual/Semi-Auto/Auto) 1 No Pathology
51 Floating bath 1 No Pathology
52 Automatic tissue processor 1 No Pathology
53 Embedding station 1 No Pathology
54 Paraffin embedding bath 1 No Pathology
55 Fuming hood 1 No Pathology
56 Male or Female Skeleton 1 No Forensic Med.
57 Adult QCPR Manikin for BLS 2 No Skill Lab
58 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Trainer 1 No Skill Lab
59 Bag Valve Mask (Adult-Child-Infant) 4 No Skill Lab
60 IV Arm 2 No Skill Lab
61 IM Injection Simulator 2 No Skill Lab
62 Central Venous Cannulation 1 No Skill Lab
63 Suturing & Stapling Practice 3 No Skill Lab
64 Tracheotomy 1 No Skill Lab
65 Epidural and Spinal Injection Trainer 1 No Skill Lab
66 Catheterisation Male 1 No Skill Lab
67 Catheterisation Female 1 No Skill Lab
68 NG Intubation 1 No Skill Lab
69 Auscultation Trainer 1 No Skill Lab
70 Intubation trainer 1 No Skill Lab
71 Eye Examination Simulator 1 No Skill Lab
72 Ear Examination Simulator 1 No Skill Lab
73 Chest Tube Intubatiion 1 No Skill Lab



Directorate of Planning & Development

Bahria University Head Office Sector E-8,

Shangrila Road, Islamabad Tel:051-9263409, E-mail

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