Proposal: Supply and Installation of Passive Network Equipment For BUHSCI
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Published on: February 16, 2024






  1. Sealed bids are invited for Supply and Installation of Passive Network Equipment for The Bahria University Health Sciences Campus Islamabad (BUHSCI), from GST registered firms/ Suppliers:


Specifications of Items


Cabling Expense Details
S.No Description Qty
1 Cable Category 6A, 10-Gbps, 4 Pair (23 AWG) SFTP, CM Rated for Passive Network.  (305 Meter/Reel). Make(Schneider, Dintek, Molex, Systemax, AMP, Optronix, Category A Brand or Equal)- OEM warranty of 25 Years should be provided to BU. 200
2 24 Port Patch Panel Non Shuttered Catagory-6A, 10-Gbps (23 AWG) UTP Connectivity loaded with Giga Gate I/O’s 40
3 Catagory-6A 10Gbps, UTP Keystone, Modular Jack(Giga Gate), for Punching of Cable at user End 700
4 Single Gang Simplex Wall Plate Shuttered 500
5 Double Gang Duplex Wall Plate Shuttered 200
6 Box for Simplex Plate 500
7 Box for Duplex Plate 200
8 Patch Cords Catagory-6A, 10Gbps Shielded FTP 4 Pair (1 Meter) 850
9 Patch Cords Catagory-6A, 10Gbps Shielded FTP 4 Pair (3 Meter) 700
10 Single Sided / Double Sided Cable Manager 40


Optical Fiber – Portion
S.No Description Qty
1 12 Core or 16 Core Optical Fiber OM4 50/125 Cable, Tight Buffered, Up to 40Gbps Ethernet supported (Rate / Meter For indoor Connectivity (Multi Mode) 750
2 Unitube Light Armored Optical Fiber Cable, Single Mode 12 Core, 9um (Per Meter) 1000
3 06 Port Optical Fiber Patch Panel loaded with 6 LC Duplex Adaptor and 6 LC Simplex Pigtails. (ODF-SM) Rack Mounted 8
4 48 Port Optical Fiber Patch Panel loaded with  LC Duplex Adaptor and 48 LC Simplex Pigtails. (ODF-SM) Rack Mounted 2
5 SC 06 Port Single Mode Wall Mounted Enclosure 6
6 LC Multimode OM4 Fiber optic Pigtail 200
7 Soft Digging For Optical Fiber Cable / Meter 500
8 Hard Digging For Optical Fiber Cable / Meter 500
9 Cable Ties of Different Types, Screws, Nails, etc. 1
10 Fluke Testing of All Network Nodes with Printed Report of Cable Gage and Length 1400
11 Raise Floor for Data Centre 7


Electrical Requirement For Data Centre, NOC’s / SOC
S.No Description Qty
1 Electrical Cabling for Data Centre i.e. DB’s, & Breakers, Main Cabling 35 mm Pakistan Cable, UPS Wiring, Electrical Extensions, CCTV Electrical Wiring, Electrical Socketing, UPS Connectivity, Glass Partition of ever NOC/SOC Room, Raise Flooring, Lighting with Special Light on the back of every Rack, 65″ LED Smart TV for monitoring of Network and other IT Equipment. Partitioning of NOC/SOC Room with 12mm Glass and Aluminum Frames and all other latest requirements as desired by the user. 1
2 Electrical Cabling, for NOC/SOC of each floor Lighting on the back of every Rack, False Ceiling Lights 2 X 2 LED Lights Philips which will Sensor base Lighting + Bio Metric Lock & others, Special Doors, Partitions of Glass, Electric Panel with Breakers and their Cables, Main Cable, grounding, and Multi Shoe Socket etc and other Misc Equipment. 7
3 Schneider or equivalent Service Bypass Transfer Switch 3 Phase its Cabling with necessary requirements. Installation Testing and Commission for Data Centre UPS Controlling Or Equipment as per new requirement by user. 2
4 Emergency Power Off Switch with its Cabling, All Breakers, Boxes and other related Equipment required to streamline Electricity in NOC/SOC for handling with its online UPS 2
5 Mice / Rodent Repellent for Data Centre and NOC / SOC 16
6 Fire Fighting System For Data Centre Live Monitoring Room (FM 200 Or Higher for New Academic Block), NOC / SOC and all other Accessories i.e. Emergency Call by System 4
7 Special Furniture and Devices for Data Centre (Table with Electric and Network Cabling which must have space for having PC Unit and Key & Mouse Channeled Tray 1
8 Trench required for Network and Electric cabling of lab with Non-Magnetic Steel Cover, Electric Cable is required, Breaker and Electric Boxes in all Labs. Light Plugs and it Related Accessories (i.e. Boxes cable screws & etc.) 1
9 Installation, Testing, Configuring and Commissioning for Passive Network in Bahria University Medical & Dental College Islamabad. 1


Duct / Cable Tray
S.No Ducts of Different Sizes Qty
1 Laying, Installation and Fixing of Cable Tray Zinc 16 Guage and Powder Coated Paint with Cover for Network Cabling through out the Route in all Building.


a.   2 ft  x 3 in (W x H) with covers

b.   1.5 ft x 3 in (W x H) with covers

c.   1ft x 2 in (W  x H) with covers

d.   6in x 2in (W x H) with covers





700 rft

2000 rft

1000 rft

700 rft

2 Adamjee or equivalent Dura Duct Patti Different Sizes (lump sum Qty) 800 rft
Racks For Network and Servers
S.No Description Qty
1 42 U Network Rack (Branded) for Cable Punching of Data Network and with all accessories i.e. PDU’s, and Cooling Fans etc. (Brands HP, Dell, Emerson Or Equal)

W: 800 mm

D : 1200 mm

2 42 U Server Rack (Branded) for Servers (Brands HP, Dell, Emerson Or Equal)

H: 2000 mm

W: 600 mm

D : 800 mm

3 42 U Server Rack for Cable Punching of Data Network and with all accessories i.e. PDU’s, and Cooling Fans etc. (Brands HP, Dell, Emerson Or Equal) 1
4 27 U Server Rack for Cable Punching i.e. IP Cameras, Wi-Fi, Cable TV Nodes and Optical Fiber nodes etc. 1
5 18 U Server Rack for Cable Punching i.e. IP Cameras, Wi-Fi, Cable TV Nodes and Optical Fiber nodes in Library, VLC and Conference Rooms etc. 1
6 Electrical Wiring of All Distributed ODF and Wall Mounted Racks with Proper Backup System and Breakers etc. 4
7 Cable TV (BU-TV Connection) Fiber Node which is use for merging different streams of channel without signal lose in single unit and its accessories 4
8 Cable Tray Different Sizes for Whole Campus at different Routes 500 RFT
9 Top Quality Coaxial Cable (RG-11) or Higher 305 Meter Roll, Connector, Testing TV, I/O’s Boxes, Cabling, Ducting, Electrical Connection at different Locations, Electrical and Network Tool Kit, Cable Ties, Patch Cords, Punching Tools, Joints, Signal Boosters and etc. 1
10 Trench required for Network and Electrical Cabling of Lab with Non-Magnetic Steel Cover or unforeseen 1


Scope of Work and Terms & Conditions for Trunkey Network Solution


  • Bahria University requires LAN (Passive) and Wi-Fi infrastructure on Turn-Key solution.
  • The number of access points and Wi-Fi Switches must be according to survey and signal strength of their Access points for blanket coverage (indoor & outdoor) of the university. Solution must provide Blanket/Complete Coverage of the Wi-Fi Signal at each and every block to give maximum coverage and SNR ratio shall be -70 to -75 DB to users through expansion of the existing Wi-Fi network. In case the access point is not able to give coverage bidder provides the access point at its own cost.
  • Bidder shall be liable to install, check, and commission of the LAN/Wireless equipment at the site.
  • IP scheme with multiple VLANs to segregate and identify network traffic must be attached to Technical Proposal.
  • All related / required licenses must be perpetual i.e. not recurring and should be in the name of the purchaser.
  • Quoted Solution must be compatible and technically comply all the specification given in tender document.
  • Bidder Must have minimum 3 certified Engineer of product Quoted.(Attach certificate).
  • Bidder Must attached the MAL letter of product Quoted.
  • Must have minimum one CCIE Level Engineer (Attach certificate).
  • Quoted Wireless/LAN Solution must be fully compatible and must be of same brand and provide seamless roaming while users are moving anywhere on the campus.
  • Bidder will be responsible for 1 year on Site Service and Support


Terms & Conditions

O.E.M must be European or equivalent. Low quality brands will not be accepted. Bidder must have to qualify every Technical Specification given by tendering authority. In case of Deviation in technical specifications or given terms & Condition bidder will be considered as disqualified.

  • Technical scrutiny will be based on O.E.M brochures (Company Brochures will not be acceptable). Local vendor warranty will not be acceptable.
  • Procuring agency shall evaluate the quotation in manner of prescribed data so that only fully technically qualified bidder will be qualified for financial opening.
  • Company must be ISO certified to ensure customer support and services.
  • Company must have office in Islamabad.
  • Company must have 5-10 installations in Pakistan of the same Brand.
  • Supplier shall certify that equipment supplied is brand new and strictly according to schedule of the supply order which has been invoiced the onus for any deviation will be the responsibility of the supplier.
  • Equipment offered must be new, unused, current models.
  • Vendors may be required to provide demonstrations of proposed machines prior to selection of award.
  • The machines shall be delivered, installed and made ready for use by the selected vendor. Quoted prices shall include these services:
  1. The vendor shall coordinate and provide delivery at no additional cost. Installation and Testing is the Responsibility of the Supplier.
  2. The Supplier  shall provide end-user training to BU staff at no additional Cost.
  • The Machines will perform to manufacturer’s specifications for a minimum of 97% of the time during normal BU office hours averaged over a three-month time frame.
  •  Supplier will provide routine maintenance and repair services for no additional fee during warranty period.
  •  The payment would be made after complete supply and installation with the entire satisfaction of end user.
  •  3 Years Comprehensive Warranty with on-site service without any additional cost during warranty period and is the responsibility of the Supplier.
  • Teir-1 partner or above can apply.


2. Details of specifications and scope of work is given in the bidding documents, which can be purchased on submission of a written application on firm’s letter head (with mentioned NTN No) upon payment of Rs.5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only), Non Refundable Fee in the shape of Pay Order/ DD in favour of Bahria University Islamabad, from the ‘Office of DD Procurement, Room No. 15, Basement Quaid Block, Bahria University Head Office, Sector E-8, Islamabad between 0900 to 1400 hrs except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


3. Single Stage – Two Envelope bidding procedure shall apply as per PPRA Rules 2004. Sealed bids in accordance with instructions given in the bidding documents must reach on/ or before 29 February 2024 by 1100 hrs ‘at the Office of DD Procurement, Room No.15, Bahria University Head Office, Sector E-8, Islamabad. Technical bids will be opened on the same day at 1130 hours in the presence of the bidders/ their authorized representatives, who may choose to be present. Conditional/ incomplete bids will be considered Non Responsive.  2% bid security of total bid value must be submitted in shape of Pay Order/DD in favour of “Bahria University Islamabad”. NTN No. of BU is 2132767-0.


4. The bidders are requested to give their best and final prices inclusive of all applicable taxes, transportation and installation etc. Bahria University may reject all bids/ proposals at any time prior to the acceptance by invoking Rule 33 of PPRA-2004.


5. For any technical information, please contact AD (IT) BUHO on Phone No.051-9260002 Ext 1277 from Monday till Friday between 0930 to 1300 hrs, except holidays.



Directorate of Planning & Development

Bahria University Head Office Sector E-8, Shangrila Road, Islamabad