The insurance policy comes with certain exclusions and accordingly, expenses arising out of but not limited to the following are excluded.

  1. Any treatment not recommended by a legally licensed physician or which is not medically necessary.
  2. Routine physical check-ups, rest cures.
  3. Treatment of mental illness, psychiatric disorders, self-inflicted injury, suicide, abuse of alcohol, drug addiction or its abuse.
  4. Cost of limbs of any other organ (prostheses) or any kind of supporting equipment for revival or correction of the function of the body.
  5. Treatment of any refractive errors of the eyes including the cost of procedures such as ‘Radial Keratotomy ‘ and ‘ Excimer Laser ‘, treatment of obesity, weight reduction/enhancement.
  6. Cosmetic/plastic surgery, unless medically necessitated due to accidental injuries occurring while the insured was covered under the scheme.
  7. Treatment/tests of infertility (for investigation/ any other related to infertility), impotency, sterilization & contraception including any complication relating hereto.
  8. Any increase in the expenses incurred for the treatment on account of the insured being admitted to a more expensive room than allowed by his daily room rent limit.
  9. Sexually transmitted disease and any treatment or test in connection with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or any AIDS related conditions or diseases.

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