1. The insurance company has made credit arrangements with number of hospitals (panel hospitals) all over the country with regards to In-patient benefits only. Each employee is to show the health card (issued by the insurance company) to avail the benefits. List of panel hospitals is attached here.

Note: Following hospitals are authorized for Cat B employees only (not for Cat C)

Hospital                                                          City

Shifa International                                           Islamabad

Quiad-e-Azam International                            Islamabad

Valley Medical Complex                                 Abbottabad

Aga Khan Hospitals                                        Karachi


  1. Employees are advised to get treatment from Insurance Company’s panel hospitals to avoid deduction and advance payment issues. The insurance company will only make reimbursement of hospitalization claims at the rates of panel hospital in the vicinity of non-panel hospital / maternity home issuing treatment bills.

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