Exemption (BU Entry Test)
  • Following categories of applicants are exempted from appearing in the BU Entry Test (CBT)
  1. Those who have qualified GRE or GAT through NTS (General & Subject) for MS/M.Phil & PhD Programs.
  2. Those who have qualified SAT for Non-Engineering and Engineering Bachelor Programs respectively
  3. Those who have qualified BU Entry Test (CBT) during last one year.
  • All applicants are to register on-line and pay registration fee.
  • Qualification of GRE, GAT through NTS and SAT is to be mentioned at the time of on-line registration. A copy of the Result Card is to be uploaded on ETS Scores Page (Step-2; Personal Profile)
  • Applicants at Para 1 above may opt to appear / re-appear in BU Entry Test (CBT) for improvement of previous results. Best results of both or repeated tests shall be counted to prepare merit list.