Final Transcript

The following procedures will be followed to award transcripts (interim and final). Examination Department will carry out its working in accordance with procedure and prescribed Application Form.

Final Transcript Form (DOWNLOAD NOW)

Procedure for issuance of interim transcript

The students, who are in campus, will submit application form  for the issuance of Interim Transcript once the result of the semester has been announced / displayed / hosted. This does not include final semester transcript as its procedure is separate.

  • No dues/fees would be charged from students along with application form for ordinary issue, as transcript fees is collected from students @ Rs. 200/- as part of their semester fees.
  • The student desirous of interim transcript would forward the application to their concerned institutes. The concerned institution will forward the application within 5 working days from the date of receipt to the Bahria University Examinations Department for further processing along with a certificate that no dues are outstanding against the student.
  • Bahria University Examinations Department will counter-check all the details received from Campuses and ensure that particulars/data of the students is error free.
  • Bahria University Examinations Department will prepare interim transcripts, have it signed by Deputy Director Examination and send them to the Campuses within 10 working days. These interim transcripts, would be complete in all aspects.
  • Efforts should be made to issue the transcripts to the applicants within 10 (ten) working days. However there may be one or two days delay for the outstation Campuses.
  • Complete Interim Transcripts once received at the Campuses will be issued to the students in envelopes.
  • In case of outstanding dues, student will not be issued with the interim transcripts until clearance certificate is received along with application form.
  • University will dispatch by mail the Interim Transcript to addresses as mentioned in the application request form.
  • Any additional (duplicate) number of Interim Transcripts will be issued upon payment of Rs. 200/- per transcript. In this case students are to mention clearly total number of Interim Transcripts per envelope i.e (2) means that there will be two transcripts in one envelope and 1+1 means that two Interim Transcripts will be in separate envelopes.
  • A copy of the Interim Transcript will also be put in the students file, maintained at Bahria University Examinations Department.
  • Interim Transcript will depict the words “Interim Transcript” and “Program Status Incomplete” across the transcript.
  • Overseas students desirous of transcripts are to pay US $ 25/- for each through any mode as mentioned.
  • If the student is in Pakistan and desires transcripts (any) to be mailed overseas, he/she may deposit Rs. 3,000/- through any of the modes. This includes urgent handling.
  • If there are more than one mailing addresses overseas than the requisite charges would be multiplied by the accordingly.
  • The   charges prescribed for overseas requirements are subject to change that may occur due change in market conversion rates.
  • Ordinary Transcript issuance
    • 10 working days
  • Urgent issue of transcript
    • 5 working days

Mode of Payments

For Students In Pakistan

  • Cash payment at accounts office of respective campus of the University.
  • By Pay Order/DD drawn  in favor of Bahria University, Islamabad.
  •  On line banking through following:
  •  Allied Bank of Pakistan Ltd, E-8 Naval Complex
    Account No: 011008825-8
    Branch Code: 0680

For Overseas Students

By DD drawn in favour of Bahria University, Islamabad.

On line banking through following (US Dollar only):

Silk Bank Razia Sharif Plaza, Blue Area Islamabad
Account NO: 130029294401
Brach Code: 0002

Procedure for final transcript

The entire procedure for the Interim Transcript is to be followed except for:

Final transcript will only be issued to the students once they have completed all the pre requisites for the award of degree i.e their required credit hours are complete.

Outstanding dues should be cleared before you request for the final transcript.

The students who have completed their final semester but not completed their degree requirements (project/ thesis/ internship etc) and are desirous of final semester transcript would be issued a plain paper Semester Result intimation, clearly depicting remarks “Programme is Incomplete” across the intimation.

The final transcript will be issued with the signature of Director Examinations