Director’s Message

As Director Academics, I am delighted to welcome you to visit our website whether you are already a part of the Bahria University (BU) community, considering joining us or are a member of the public interested in discovering what we are all about. This website express purpose of serving as a reliable source of information for the education offered at the University. Our goal is to contribute towards the nation development and beyond through quality education. It is what motivates everyone at the Bharia University – from faculty and staff, to students and alumni, to our partners and supporters. It inspires our teaching and research initiatives.


BU is one of the prestigious universities in Pakistan and offers academics and research at the graduate and postgraduate level across an enormous range of both disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields. It is no wonder that we attract students and faculty who are among the most outstanding scholars in the community. Local and International media consistently ranks Islamabad as one of the most beautiful and serene cities in Asia. We enjoy Islamabad’s beautiful climate and a natural outlook of forested mountains and lush green fields, providing an ideal and conducive environment for studying.


We believe that every child in the society deserves a high-quality education driven by educational opportunity that is a basic need and human right. Regardless of where a child is born, who his parents are, the color of his/ her skin, whether s/he can see or hear, or whether s/he sleeps in a mansion or a shelter; that child deserves a quality education. Providing ample educational opportunities is one of the most fundamental obligations each generation owes to the ones that follow. All across the globe, individuals, organizations, and governments recognize that education is the defining issue of our time, crucial to everything from personal opportunity and social mobility to world peace and prosperity.


Our alumni are teachers, principals, superintendents, CEOs, education entrepreneurs, and college and university leaders. The role of the BU faculty is to support graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and the entire BU graduate community in pursuit of personal, professional and academic experience. Among other functions, we seek to ensure a transparent, consistent and equitable management of graduate programs and awards, evaluation and quality assurance of graduate programs, advocacy for graduate and postdoctoral needs within the larger academic community, assistance with individual student and postdoctoral problems, and the provision of outstanding opportunities for professional development of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty in their role as mentors.


You are warmly welcomed if you are already here or are committed to joining us, and I encourage you to explore the probable opportunities for engagement with this diverse community. I would particularly invite you to take note of the workshops and professional development seminars we conduct regularly on campus that helps development of competencies and outlooks to prepare graduates for their professions and for their role in advancing a civil society. For those who are considering coming, take some time to explore the program information on this website and other websites at BU, and visit our campuses if convenient. Please consider joining us in creating the rich intellectual and professional life that we as the BU community enjoy so fully.

Slot Gacor