Dean Humanities & Social Sciences

I extend the warmest welcome to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS). The foremost mission of the FHSS is to sustain a robust academic culture and produce rigorous research in the domain of Humanities and Social Sciences. Our aim is to equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare them for competitive market requirements. Additionally, we prepare our students to actively participate in civic and public life to become better citizens. Our goal is to produce the next generation of leaders for solving the most pressing social and developmental challenges Pakistan is confronting. In order to achieve this, we have established liaison with the industry by signing MoUs with reputed organizations, arranging guest lectures with the noted academicians and policy practitioners, field visits, internships, conferences, seminars, job fairs and skills development workshops regularly. 

FHSS offers array of highly ranked undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. Undergraduate programs include Anthropology, Development Studies, English, International Relations, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Media Studies, Public Health and TV Broadcasting and Digital Media. The postgraduate programs include MS in Government and Public Policy, International Relations, Islamic Studies and Media Studies. FHSS offers PHD in International Relations and Media Studies. Our strength lies in the highly qualified, fittingly skilled and hardworking faculty. The FHSS has over 100 permanent and 200 visiting faculty members. Out of which a healthy percentage holds doctoral degrees from renowned international and national universities. The total strength of students at FHSS exceeds 2000. Our graduates are employed in leading public and private organizations.

Instilling critical thinking in our students is one of our main objective in order to prepare them to think out of the box and innovate ways to counter the pressing issues Pakistan is facing. Our focus is to involve students in objective analysis and practices for producing rigorous research and innovate creative solutions. Additionally, we ensure that our graduates become global citizens and work for international development, regional peace, and prosperity. Our core values include respect for diversity, tolerance, and independent inquiry in the wake of today’s challenging local, regional and global environment. Our esteemed faculty continuously strive for mentoring students to be influential leaders in their respective fields. 

As the Dean of FHSS, I urge you to keep on looking for opportunities for academic excellence by learning contemporary skills for delivering quality education of the highest standard. We need to look into the future with confidence because the future belongs to us. I pray that this journey for the quest of knowledge and learning brings the best out of us all.


Professor Dr. Adam Saud

Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.