BUEFT (Bahria University) Sale of Commercial Plot – DHA Phase-II Islamabad
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Published on: January 24, 2024


1. Introduction:
BUEFT (Bahria University) intends to sell its Commercial Plot through a transparent and competitive bidding process on “As-is, Where-is” basis in line with PPRA Rules 2004 (Rule 11(4) & (5) being relevant).


2. Objectives:
BUEFT (Bahria University) is soliciting competitive offers from individuals / Firms / Companies interested in purchasing a Commercial Plot located at a prime location in DHA Phase-II Islamabad. Property being offered for sale is free from any type of encumbrance and has clear titles.
Details of the Plot are given below;


Property Information Area/Size
Property Type City Site/Address Sq. Ft. Marlas
Commercial Islamabad Plot No. 7, Tipu Blvd, Sector G, DHA Phase-II, Islamabad. 1200 5.33


3. Eligibility:
a. The Auction is open to all Pakistanis (residing in Pakistan or Abroad) and registered firms, companies, societies and trusts etc, hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”.
b. The “Buyer” is allowed to offer bids for aforesaid Commercial Property. However, the Property Bid Proposal along with the Demand Draft / PO (refundable) will have to be deposited on account of Bid Security. i.e. 1% of the Bid Amount in terms of PPRA Rule 25.
c. The Buyer should not be defaulter of or blacklisted from any Government /Semi-Government Authority i.e FBR etc. and should possess valid NTN.


4. Auction Process:
a. Single Stage – One Envelope procedure shall be followed in line with PPRA Rule 36(a). The interested “Buyer” will submit Sealed Bid accompanied by a copy of CNIC and a Demand Draft or Pay Order in favor of “Bahria University Endowment Fund Trust” as Bid Security.
b. Bid Security shall be returned to unsuccessful bidders within 20 working days after the closure date given in Para 9(a) below.
c. Bids with deficient information, received after the closing date or not meeting the conditions of this tender shall be rejected being non-responsive as per PPRA Rules 2004.


5. Declaration of Successful Bidder:
a. The Buyer who offers the highest amount for the aforesaid plot shall be considered the most advantageous bid if exceeding the reserve price.
 b. Successful Bidder will be notified through “Bid Acceptance Letter” only after the approval of the President BUEFT (Rector – Bahria University).
c. BUEFT (Bahria University) Management reserves the right to reject any/all bids at any stage of the auction process without assigning any reason and without any obligation on Bahria University i.a.w Rule 33 of PPRA 2004.


6. Payment:
a. Consequent upon the Sale Committee’s decision to be communicated through “Bid Acceptance Letter”, the successful bidder shall deposit 20% of the total amount of Bid Price (after adjusting the payment already made) within fifteen (15) working days. The bid offer shall stand canceled, and the deposited amount forfeited, if the payment is not made within the due date.
b. Remaining 80% of the Bid price shall be deposited within thirty (30) working days after the “Bid Acceptance Letter”.
c. The Bid Security of the 2nd bidder will be retained till the signing of the agreement with the successful bidder.


7. Taxes and Allied Charges:
a. All applicable taxes and allied charges for Buyer and Seller will be paid by the successful bidder and BUEFT respectively.
b. Withholding tax will be deducted by BUEFT, if applicable as per prevailing tax rules.
c. After the transfer of property and handing over the possession to the successful bidder, subsequent utilization of the property will be sole responsibility of the buyer, in conformity with the applicable byelaws, duties/taxes and the approvals required from the relevant authority.


8. Process for Submission of Documents:
Proposals shall be submitted in hard copy through courier, in person and the envelope should be prominently marked to the addressee as shown below.
Bid for Purchase of DHA Plot – BUEFT


Bid for Purchase of DHA Plot – BUEFT
Director Advancement
Advancement Directorate
1st Floor, Quaid Block, Bahria University Head Office,
Shangrilla Road, Sector E-8, Islamabad.
Phone Number: 051-9264065 Extn. 1571


9. Closing Date for Receipt of Sealed Bids:
Last date of submission of Bids is 12 February 2024 by 1100 Hours. Bids received after the closing date and time shall not be entertained and returned un-opened.


10. Opening of Sealed Bids:
a. Bid shall be opened on 15 February 2024 at 1130 Hours by the Disposal Committee of Bahria University.
b. Participating bidders may attend the opening of bids proceedings if they choose to do so. The venue will be Ibne-Sina Hall, 3rd Floor, Bahria University Head Office, Shangrilla Road, Sector E-8, Islamabad. Prior coordination for entry into BU premises may be made with POC information given in Para 11 below.


11. Point of Contact for Queries / Clarifications:
For any queries, clarifications or additional information, Director BUEFT can be contacted on Tel: 051-051-9264065 Extn. 1571 during work days (0900 to 1600 hrs) or on Email: director.buad@bahria.edu.pk


Bahria University Advancement Directorate, Shangrilla Road, Sector E-8, Islamabad

UAN: +92-51-111-111-028 Ext.1571 | Tel: +92-51-9264065 | Web: www.bahria.edu.pk

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