Imran Zahoor
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Published on: October 13, 2020

Business and Reporting Analyst

Zones Pakistan


BSCS (2000–2003)


After graduating in Computer Sciences at Bahria University, in 2003, I began my career as Network Engineer at XITOS Pvt. Ltd. (a software house). In March 2004 I had the opportunity to go to London for higher studies; however, I couldn’t complete my master’s program as I became sick with agitative depression and had to come back in January 2005. It was a difficult time for me and my family. After the initial treatment I applied for a job at XITOS again, and I got the job. I had to prove to myself and to everyone else out there by spending another 6 years at XITOS. This is when I learned how I learn, and it has stayed with me all this time. Helping me understand my learning style made me love learning even more and sparked my curiosity. It is that curiosity that made me take several courses throughout my career, and in 2018 I got my MBA(IT) Executive.

In June 2011 I joined Ovex Technologies Pvt. Ltd (BPO) of En Pointe Technologies USA (later PCM Inc. USA), as Service Desk Engineer (CRM Administrator). The journey continued and I got promoted as an Account Coordinator, and then as a Team Coordinator. It was a night job that allowed me to continue my studies.

In September 2017 I joined Zones PK Islamabad chapter, headquartered in Auburn, Washington as Reporting and Process Analyst. It is a night job again and I am currently working here. I now have almost 18 years of experience under my belt and I not only enjoy what I do, but I also love the people I work with. I am happy for whatever Allah Almighty has blessed me with.

I am still learning. I have been taking this technical course in Artificial Intelligence from (Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Computing – PIAIC). It is a one-year certificate program and I have passed my 1st quarter where I learned basics of AI and Python language.

My advice to Bahria University students is “Trust in yourself and the skills you’re learning! I used to feel insecure about my learning style, and I would compare myself to others; don’t do that. Being different is a good thing. Embrace it and focus on yourself.”