Important Notice for Students!
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Published on: December 17, 2018

Academic Sanctity of a University demands maintenance of an environment that guarantees students’ rights and responsibilities as members of a learning community. Universities all across the globe follow code of conduct to maintain this academic sanctity to create an environment of integrity and professionalism. This helps to assure that each individual of the University receives appropriate grooming to develop strong ethical values. The ethical decisions that students face in an academic environment are similar to those they will encounter in the professional world that they will enter upon graduation or where they are currently employed. Keeping same in view, Bahria University (BU) strongly emphasizes on developing these ethical values in students to allow them to better adjust to professional world. The same practice is being followed by all good educational institutes around the world.

Within these ethical values, dealing with opposite gender is a matter of great sensitivity, globally, and requires individuals to limit their interaction, within the religious, cultural & social boundaries to show and give respect to opposite gender. Universities all over the world define and safeguard these boundaries to educate students on such sensitive matters to avoid any legal and moral violations, committed intentionally or unintentionally. The purpose is to create an environment where parents feel comfortable to send their children without any fear.

Keeping same in view, BU ensures a code of conduct within ethical boundaries pertaining to interaction with opposite gender. These boundaries in our country are strongly dependent on religious, cultural & social values. While students receive guidance and training on these values firstly at their homes, but academic institutes are recognized as centers for providing education around these ethical values, at all levels. Our university has invested heavily on technical support to ensure wellbeing and safety/security through installation of CCTV cameras all across the campuses. It is reiterated that to safeguard the academic sanctity of BU, there is zero tolerance policy against any violations of the interaction boundaries in accordance to religious, cultural & social values of our Country. In the above stated background, it is being brought to the notice of all BU Faculty, Staff and Students that recently some students have been expelled from BU, who were found violating these boundaries. Further, it has been decided that the University will continue this policy to ensure maintenance of the academic sanctity of BU.  We want our students to understand that respect for religiously, culturally & socially recognized ethical values affects the University’s reputation in both academic and professional communities. This reputation is essential to the success of not only the current generation of students, but previous and future generations as well. We expect from all our students to respect and adapt these ethical values and develop a mature and decent conduct to be prepared for the professional world.