Hiking Event
Category: Alumni Activities, buic
Published on: September 10, 2020

Bahria University 5th Alumni Association in collaboration with the CSP Club BUIC arranged an anti-littering hike on Saturday, 23rd November 2019. The hike was developed with the idea to inculcate a
sense of good citizenship, ownership of mothernature, and development of civic sense and
The event commenced with a short de-brief by the President; Adeel Shaikh, who shared the vision of the
hike and reason why we had all gathered for the event. He further motivated the students by declaring a
surprise for the team that gathers the most litter on the hike.
Nearly 200 students joined the cause and were filled with enthusiasm to participate and contribute in
their way to the society.
Keeping in view the menaces in society, the Alumni Body has collaborated with an international
organization Drug Free World, to create awareness, mentor and facilitate students about the market
knowledge and dangers of drugs, being circulated in society.