Haya Khawar
Category: Alumni Affairs
Published on: December 3, 2019

General Secretary Bahria University Alumni Association (BUAA)

Degree: BBA (Batch 2002-2005), MBA (Batch 2005-2006)


Haya Khawar – Public Relations and Communications Consultant is currently working as an Associate of Think Tank Media Consultants. She graduated from Bahria University in Bachelors of Business Administration majoring in Marketing continuing with Masters of Business Administration with concentration in HR. Raised in a family of electronic and Print media professionals, Haya has had a passion for writing since early teens. Apart From writing articles for various newspapers and magazines, she possesses nearly five Years of professional experience in content development and compilation of Newsletters, magazines, brochures and other IEC material. Her expertise lies in teaching And curriculum development with focus on imparting moral education integrated with Islamic concepts. Adding to her string of achievements, she has authored a collection of Islamic studies workbooks and their usage guidelines incorporated in school syllabi Within Pakistan and abroad. During her five-year stay in Australia, She had the Opportunity to eagerly take on character development for students in various schools of New South Wales besides completing a diploma in Islamic Shariah from Dar Aisha Shariah College, Sydney. On the corporate side, her experience in the oil and gas Industry is inclusive of report writing, event management, media and public relations, And running successful media campaigns. Partaking Corporate Social Responsibility as Part of the company’s community development, She has overseen projects like Construction of schools and hospitals, water reservoirs and check dams, roads and pavements, bridges and causeways all concentrated in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. As a teenager, she has worked with a number of renowned NGOs in Pakistan On projects like adult literacy program and child sexual abuse besides providing Counseling for victims of natural disasters facing post-traumatic stress disorder. Earlier On, she had the privilege of representing Pakistan in an environmental convention at Lund University, Sweden where she completed a distance-learning course on Environment studies. Dedicated, hardworking and ambitious, she is accustomed to Working in a multicultural environment and possesses superior interpersonal and Communication skills to foster meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues. As General Secretary of the 5th Alumni Executive Body, she is keen on making fruitful Progress and work towards the betterment of Bahria University in the coming months.