Fee Structure MBBS & BDS Session 2022 (First Year Only)

Ser. Description Full Payment Six monthly Installment Quarterly Installment Remarks
A. Tuition Fee First Year  1,214,000  607,000  303,500
B. Admission Fee  24,000  24,000  24,000
C. Security Deposit (Refundable)  40,000  40,000  40,000
D. Discount in Tuition Fee  48,560  12,140
E. Tuition Fee after Discount  1,165,440  594,860
F. 5% Withholding Tax*  59,472  30,943  16,375
Total Fee for Active Tax Payer (B+C+E):  1,229,440  658,860  367,500 Bank Draft to be prepared as per the choice
and Tax payer status
Total Fee for Non-Filer (B+C+E+F):  1,288,912  689,803  383,875

*As per Clause 236 (I) of Income Tax Ordinance 2001, Advance Tax on the amount of fee (inclusive of
tuition fee & all charges, by whatever name called, excluding the amount which is refundable)
exceeding Rs. 200,000 per annum (other than an amount paid by way of scholarship) @ 5% from the
person not appearing in the Active Taxpayer List.

All the students for session 2022 are allowed to pay the tution fee on a quarterly, six-monthly
or on annual basis to the college. A student paying the college on a six-monthly basis in advance
will be granted a 2% discount in the tuition fee and a student paying the college on an annual basis
in advance will be granted a 4% discount in the tuition fee.