Community Support Program- Iftar Drive in collaboration with Shifa Foundation
Category: Past Events
Published on: June 6, 2018

With the sponsorship of Bahria University-Islamabad, Shifa Foundation arranged an “Iftar meal” for the deserving people in Islamabad. Almost 200 people were provided with Iftar boxes during this event which included laborers and other low income individuals. This activity was carried out in Sector I-9, Islamabad where a huge ratio of labor is found. For this specific activity, Bahria University Islamabad joined hands with Shifa Foundation to promote the true spirit of Ramadan. This activity was a part of Shifa Foundation’s#RamadanAppeal2018  #Feedthedeservingfamilies. Shifa Foundation regularly organizes such charitable activities to ensure provision of food with dignity for all. Under this campaign, Shifa Foundation is further collaborating with different organizations also to expand the scope of activities in other parts of the country.